10 Unexpected Things That Will Happen In Your Love Life Before You Turn 25

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If anyone says that their love life in their early 20s was a breeze, they're either a Disney princess, or totally bluffing. In real life, love is, unfortunately, never simple. The most unexpected things can happen in your love life before you hit 25.

The hopeless romantic in all of us cannot deny how incredible the idea of a stable love life sounds. It's honestly what most of us are chasing, but won't necessarily really get. Every love life is different, and there's no calculating how it will unfold for anyone. The mystery of how your love life will be a week, month, or year from now is exciting and nerve-racking. Whether you want to accept it or not, a number of things will happen in your love life before you get to your quarter-life crisis.

1. You'll Be More Willing To Compromise

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People aren't perfect, and that includes yourself. You'll start to consider this idea in your love life. You still have standards, but not strict guidelines to adhere by. This is a love life, not an algebra class.

2. You'll Stop Getting Mad Over Small Things

Life's too short. Maybe you're young, but there's no use in wasting time stressing or getting angry over the small things. Save that energy for when you'll really need it.

3. You May End A Current Relationship

And just like that, life happens. You may find that one day out of the blue, you don't have a love life with anyone. Being single isn't a nightmare, though, and definitely has its perks.

4. You'll Be The Center Of Your Love Life For A Bit

Self-love is essential if you ever want to genuinely be able to love someone else. There will be a period where you treat yourself the way you want to be treated in a relationship. You'll welcome it as quiet and content time with yourself.

5. Some Of Your Relationship Deal-Breakers Will Change

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We can get attached to some things that, in our eyes, make or break a person. Again, there's nothing wrong with standards, but you may find that by the time you hit 25, some of those super harsh ones have dissipated. You don't want to limit yourself, and don't want to pass up "the one" when they may walk into your life.

6. You'll Stop Comparing Yourself To Other People

Many of us can't help but be intrigued by other people's seemingly happy fairytale. Sooner or later, you realize that that's their story, and you have to stay focused on your own. How boring would it be if we all lived the same life, anyway?

7. You'll Admit Your Mistakes

Every love life is filled with mistakes from both parties. Growth is about accepting your role in a bad situation. You learn from them, and move on.

8. You'll Say "I Love You," And Mean It

No matter how much you try to repel the intensity of the love bug, you'll fail. It finds you one way or the other. Saying "I love you," and actually meaning it is a spectacular high like no other.

9. You'll Get Blindsided

When you aren't expecting anything to happen in your love life is usually when a random person comes along and changes everything. This is something you have absolutely no control over. And when you're hooked on that right someone, it will be the beginning of something incredible.

10. You May Get Your Heart Broken

You have to take the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to your love life. Getting your hear tbroken is the risk you take when you put yourself out there. Our love lives belong to us, but we have no control over what course it decides to take. We reap the benefits of the unpredictable and amazing things it places in our lives.