11 Types Of Friends You Need To Upgrade Now

When friendship works, it's sublime. There's nothing better than creating a close bond with another person.

It's peace of mind knowing that there's someone out there that is fully supportive of you, ready to comfort you with a pizza, a shoulder to cry on or a good laugh when you really need it. It's amazing when you can be totally yourself with this other person, whether that means freely exhibiting your bathroom humor or admitting that you're going commando.

But we all know one thing when it comes to companionship: Not all friends are created equal. There's a reason we have friends and then we have best friends, after all. It's a harsh realization, but it's true.

If only there were a way to identify the people who need a friendship upgrade before things really go south. Well, maybe there is. There are warning signs that you can find if you just look hard enough.

Here are 11 types of friends you need to upgrade now, along with tips on just how to deal with them (and maybe even train them to be better).

1. The friend who is always working

All work and no play can make a friend terribly dull. When you are friends with people who are constantly working, you see them lose perspective. Even when they can steal some time away from their jobs, you know that their minds are still at the office.

Upgrade tip: Spend more time with your friends who have a healthy work-life balance.

2. The friend who ghosts at the worst times

When you need help packing up your old apartment to move, this friend is mysteriously trapped underground on the subway. When you need someone to proofread your resume, this friend is taking an unusually long shower. Bottom line, every time you've really needed this friend, he or she is indisposed, then magically available once you've gotten yourself through it.

Upgrade tip: Consider pruning your friend tree when you encounter people who disappear when the going gets tough. It just isn't worth the effort.

3. The friend who always cancels

We have all encountered that friend who asks us to hang out, only to become incredibly busy out of nowhere and flake out. This is the friend that double-books her time — the friend who just completely forgot about his dog's haircut when you're supposed to be grabbing a drink.

Upgrade tip: Stop initiating plans with this friend right away. Let her come to you.

4. The friend who always forgets his wallet

The friend who always forgets his wallet can be described with one word: moocher. No, you don't believe that his wallet dropped in a puddle and floated down the street like baby Moses in a basket. It hasn't even rained in weeks.

Upgrade tip: We all like helping our friends, but their needs to be a limit to how much you give. Set clear boundaries before you hang out by saying you just don't have money in the bank to pay for anyone but yourself.

5. The friend who orders more than you and then wants to split the bill

Self-explanatory. You cannot trust a person who knowingly orders a three-course steak dinner, and then wants to split the bill when you've only had a salad. You just can't.

Upgrade tip: Either stop eating out with this person, or embrace the Venmo charge. You need that money in your pocket.

6. The friend who always picks off your plate

Okay, so this isn't a HUGE deal. But it is annoying. When you order chicken fingers because you're having a comfort food night, that does not give your friend who pretended she wanted roasted veggies the right to pick off your plate. Her fork is basically a pirate looking to pillage your delicious entrée.

Upgrade tip: Try convincing your friend to get a dish you'd also enjoy. That way, the plate-picking can be equal opportunity.

7. The friend who doesn't know when to be quiet

There's a time and a place for being rowdy, but you have to be able to identify that time and place. Is there anything more uncomfortable than being with a friend who doesn't have that ability? You want to hide in the nearest closet every time she announces her lab results to the entire world.

Upgrade tip: When your friend gets loud, literally walk away. That will teach him or her to stay mum.

8. The friend who always has an ulterior motive

This is likely the trickiest friendship you have. You don't have a way to prove your friend has an ulterior motive — it's merely based on a gut feeling you get when that glint flashes in his eye any time you share a secret.

Upgrade tip: Don't tell these people anything they can use against you, but don't de-friend them either. You don't want that wrath in your life.

9. The friend who is late to absolutely everything

Who knew it was possible to be constantly running at least 20 minutes behind schedule in life? Not you, until you met this friend. When he's late to your wedding one day, you won't be surprised.

Upgrade tip: This isn't a fireable offense, per se, but definitely warrants buying your friend a watch at the next holiday.

10. The friend who can't let things go

This is the friend who still remembers that pack of cheese balls you stole from her in the fifth grade. She remembers EVERYTHING, and every fight is another opportunity to bring it up.

Upgrade tip: Make it clear that you just won't talk about the past anymore. Stop, drop and roll out of the conversation if necessary.

11. The friend who has always pined for you

This isn't a will-they-won't-they situation. You clearly won't. There's a reason you have never gone there with this friend — you know it wouldn't work. But the problem is this friend doesn't seem to know that.

Upgrade tip: Unfortunately, if this person has always harbored a flame for you, the flame will likely only extinguish with space. Let him or her live without you just long enough to find an SO, then you can start being friends again.

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