How To Learn To Trust Timing When You're Panicking About Your Future

by Sheena Reyes
Jovo Jovanovic

Surrendering in times of unease: It sounds peaceful, but hey, it's not that easy.

Life can't have the ups without the downs. Just like yin and yang, the dark doesn't exist without the light.

So, from me to you: I'm sorry. But life is just a roller coaster, really. Know you can get through this.

It's nature. It's the universal law of polarity.

Polarity means opposites. You may be experiencing panic, havoc or just a really messed up time in your life. But let me remind you: You are good.

It's life, and you'll ride through it. You'll carry on through the ups and the downs.

I believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes, we question our situations. But hey, we're ALL just humans.

If you believe things happen for a higher purpose and trust in universal timing, then know you are always, ALWAYS taken care of by the universe, a higher power or whatever you want to call it.

So, whatever situation you are in, here are some methods you may like to take on board to help you be present, keep it real, centered and most importantly, to learn to trust in the universe when you're in a panic over the events of your life:

1. Meditate.

Meditating enhances mental clarity. Just breathe and be still. Whatever feels right to you to get you in a peaceful state of mind, do it.

I highly recommend you meditate. It's my answer to everything. Instead of searching for answers from external sources, come back to yourself and enhance your inner power.

It's a practice that keeps you present, and just 20 minutes in the morning and/or afternoon is perfect.

2. Keep a journal.

Writing has a sense of self-healing that helps you determine and uncover some real truths of how you are feeling.

So, be honest with your thoughts. Write them all down. Writing is different from speaking to someone else. It allows you to vent, to express and to read back your own thoughts.

It will help you make sense of your certain situation, and you'll find reassurance in the fact that EVERYTHING is going to be OK.

3. Get in some nature time.

Go for a hike in the nearby woods, swim in the ocean or lie on a blanket in your back yard. Whatever you choose to do, getting back in touch with nature will ease your overthinking thoughts.

Nothing will be solved in your situation by creating different scenarios in your head, so be calm and arrive back at peacefulness.

It's the best cure, and you WILL feel good during and afterward.

4. Spend time with people who make you happy.

Hang out with people who uplift you.

Whatever your situation is, you probably just need a trusted bestie or family member to remind you you're normal, and it's OK to feel these certain things.

All you need is company that allows you to be honest and laugh things off. Talking things out instead of bottling up your emotions allows you to be honest and be real.

Just remember, no one is judging you.

Life has a funny way of working out. So, just do whatever it is that will get you centered, focused and back to feeling happy.

However much time will pass, one day it WILL make sense, and you'll be looking back at this very moment and you'll think, “That's why ALL of that happened: to get me to where I am right now."

Life is a journey. It's not perfect, and sometimes, it just really doesn't make sense.

But, life wouldn't be that fun if everything was perfect.

We have to feel out the ups and downs to break through with some really cool experiences.

So, just trust and know everything is ALWAYS going to work out. Be truthful and honor all the feelings you feel, even if they are negative. Just surrender to them.

Because life is good, and you're good. You're more than good, actually.

Just breathe.