7 Traits Your Partner Needs To Have Before You Even Think About Having Kids

Alberto Bogo

In my relationship, I've found that falling in love never happened quite like it does in fairytales. There was never an instant feeling of connection when I just knew I was in love.

Instead, I gradually fell in love with my partner over several months, as we enjoyed our time together. During this time, I discovered that one of the traits I valued the most in my partner was the fact that I just knew he would turn into an incredible parent one day.

Here are just a few of the reasons I knew he would be the perfect father to my children:

1. He always smiles at children.

One of our first dates was to a local park. We had a picnic.

While most guys would have just focused on me, my partner noticed how cute the kids were as they played. Later, when we'd be at family events, he would disappear.

Where would I find him? Outside, tossing a football around with his nieces and nephews or playing puzzle games in the living room.

I found this to be so adorable and sweet. Every time this happened, it made me picture him as a father.

2. He loves sports.

To me, a perfect dad is willing to go outside and play with his kids. My partner lives his life by the different sporting seasons. He loves pretty much anything that involves a ball.

After watching him play a few scrimmages with his friends, I just know he would be the type to play catch with his little ones or coach the local kids' baseball team.

3. He enjoys reading.

Today, people spend so much time with technology, they don't always remember to pull out a book.

My partner, however, can devour a novel in only a couple of days. He also has this unique ability to spin an interesting story.

This showed me that he would be perfect for reading bedtime stories to our children. He might just be the type to pull out a puppet.

4. He's excellent at problem solving.

Good fathers always know just how to handle sticky situations without getting angry. My partner is cool and methodical while he figures out new problems.

In fact, he actually derives pleasure from doing things such as finding the star puzzle solution. He will take his time slowly, in order to show me how something is done.

5. He challenges me.

A man with a strong mind is just as important as a man with physical strength. My partner loves mental challenges, such as puzzle solving and mind games.

He always encourages me to conquer my challenges. One of our favorite things to do is the puzzle serpent. I can just imagine watching him teach our future children how to do things like this.

6. He's great at fixing things.

I don't know why, but I always picture a dad fixing things. From changing a bicycle tire to replacing the wood on a tree house, the tasks a handyman dad can do are huge assets.

Ever since I've known my partner, he's always been puttering around the house. In fact, he changed one of my lightbulbs on our first date. It just doesn't get any better than that.

7. He's gentle.

My partner is built like a body builder, and I'm pretty sure he could crush anyone. However, he is one of the gentlest men I know.

When my sister-in-law brought our niece into the world, I watched as my partner's huge hands gently cradled the tiny newborn. From that moment forward, I knew, without a doubt, that he'd be the perfect father for my children.

There's a point in each relationship when things begin to get more serious with one's partner. People start thinking about marriage and children.

Fortunately, my partner has passed every test in the book when it comes to being a father for my children. My partner is going to be a loving and incredible daddy.