6 Traits You Must Have If You Ever Want Your Company To Get Off The Ground

by Noa Rodriguez-Hoffman
Paramount Pictures

It's not easy being an entrepreneur. If you want to be successful, there are special traits you need to develop.

Regardless of what your business is or what your vision is for its growth, there are certain traits all successful women entrepreneurs have in common. Do you have them?

1. They define success on their own terms.

When you decided to become an entrepreneur, did you want to fit into someone else's mold, or were you ready to blaze your own path? Were you motivated to achieve someone else's definition of success, or did you determine what success meant to you in your own life?

Defining success on their own terms is a trait only truly successful entrepreneurs possess. They are intrinsically motivated, and have a clear sense of why they took the entrepreneurial route in the first place.

2. They don't let fear stop them.

Being an entrepreneur is risky, and with risk comes fear. It's not that successful entrepreneurs don't have any fear; it's that they don't allow their fear to paralyze them.

Successful entrepreneurs face their fear and understand why it scares them. Then, they figure out a way to solve that fear so it doesn't hinder their progress.

To successful entrepreneurs, overcoming fear is just another thing they need to get done on their to-do lists so that they can succeed.

3. They never know enough.

A successful entrepreneur never gets to a place where he or she thinks he or she knows enough. On the contrary, these people are always hungry to know more, and continue to learn and evolve.

Knowledge is power, and successful entrepreneurs have an insatiable craving to learn. This craving means they will never get stale or stuck in their ways. They are flexible, adaptable and highly perceptive of new opportunities.

4. They welcome failure.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that the best opportunities to learn and grow come from failure. They operate with the mindset that it's not a matter “if” they will fail, but rather, “when” they will fail.

When this happens, they're ready to learn from their mistakes, so that they never make them again. They understand that failure is part of the entrepreneurial path, especially since they're either doing something they've never done before or trying something without a blueprint.

Failures for the successful entrepreneur are simply growing pains. They are natural symptoms of the maturity that leads to success.

5. Boy, can they sell.

Having the ability to sell is one of the hallmarks of a great entrepreneur. They have to convince other people to buy their products or services.

This is essential if they want their business to succeed. So, they are able to do this exceptionally well.

Their natural ability to sell doesn't matter as much as their persistence. They always aim to try to secure more opportunities and get better each time. No matter how great a product or service is, it needs someone to sell it in order for it to catch on in the first place.

6. They've mastered the hustle.

No successful entrepreneur started out by sitting back and waiting for success to happen. In fact, successful entrepreneurs don't wait for anything. They just go out there, ready to grab success the first chance they get.

It takes hard work, sweat and tears to take an idea, build a business around it, convince other people to buy in and then scale operations for profitability and growth. This is why successful entrepreneurs have all mastered the hustle.

They hustle better than anyone because they are driven, passionate, confident and maybe part superhuman. They are willing to take on any part of the job that needs to get done in order to move their business forward. They spend zero time waiting for someone else to do it for them.

What are other traits of successful women entrepreneurs? What traits do you have that you believe have helped you become the successful entrepreneur you are today?