Why Thunderstorm Friends Are Just As Toxic As Fair-Weather Friends

We have all heard of fair-weather friends.

These are the people who only want to be your friends when everything is going well for you.

They may want to spend time with you and have fun outside of school or work, but they do not want to discuss your problems.

When they ask you, “How are you?” they do not want to hear any response other than, “Good.”

They are just asking to be polite.

These people can be disappointing when you are struggling.

You want to reach out to them so they can help you through certain problems, but unfortunately, they are not interested in helping you.

If your life becomes too difficult and complicated for them, they move on.

In my life, I have encountered some fair-weather friends. However, I have also encountered what I would like to call “thunderstorm friends.”

Thunderstorm friends are people who are only there for you when you are struggling.

They feel a great sense of purpose from helping you with your problems, and they want to feel needed.

This isn’t always negative, but it can be if they try to control you.

These individuals enjoy the fact they are helping you, but this is partially due to their desire to feed their own egos.

They like being in positions of power and exploiting the vulnerability of other individuals.

They are the caretakers who never really want their patients to get better.

You will notice that with thunderstorm friends, they will become jealous when your life takes a positive turn.

Not only is your life improving, but now, your life might be better than your friend’s life.

This person will not accept that. He or she wants to be needed.

These types of friends want to help you because they want to feel superior to you.

If you encounter a thunderstorm friend, please run.

Thunderstorm friends are not better than fair-weather friends.

You want a friend who will be there for you through thick and thin.

A true friend is concerned about you during the hard times, but he or she is happy for you when your life improves.

There are no ulterior motives.

This person wants to help you become the best person you can be.

There are many reasons why friendships do not last. Unfortunately, some people are not meant to be friends forever.

One of my favorite quotes is:

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

If you decide to keep someone for a lifetime, he or she must be someone who genuinely cares about you. This person should uplift you and help you succeed.

If you find that being around someone is draining, it means the basis of your relationship is very negative.

This will help you spot a thunderstorm friend.

Fair-weather friends are light and feathery. Thunderstorm friends are very heavy and intense all the time.

A true friend has the perfect blend of both. He or she is balanced and level-headed.

It is important to keep in mind every individual is flawed. No one is perfect.

You should not mistake a true friend for a perfect friend. Perfect friends do not exist.

True friends do exist, but they are very difficult to find.

If this person’s positive qualities outweigh his or her negative qualities, you should keep this individual in your life.

However, if this person is toxic and does not help you feel happy and well-adjusted, he or she is not a good friend to have in your life.

I wish you the best of luck in your search for a true friend.

If you have already found one, cherish him or her because you are fortunate.