25 Thoughts You Have When Buying Your First Car

By Gigi Engle

Buying a car is a rite of passage for any young person. It’s the crucial step we all take in asserting our independence from our lovely parental figures.

Buying a car is also a symbolic act: You are in control of a machine that can transport you anywhere you want to go. You’re no longer subject to the whims of others. For many, it’s the first thing you buy with your own money after logging long hours at your first real job.

You really are free. Your friends are going to freak!

While the experience of buying a car is VERY exciting, it can also be intimidating. It’s your first foray into the world of adult responsibilities, and it’s something that is going to affect your life. This is the vehicle that you will depend on for YEARS.

But even though it’s a lot of pressure, we all emerge the better for it. And, at the end of the day, we’ll always have a special place in our hearts for our first cars.

Here are 25 thoughts everyone has when buying a car for the first time.

1. How did anyone ever find a car before the Internet?

2. This is like a dating app for cars where I get to pick and choose!

3. Goodbye, bus!

4. There are so many cars out here.

5. I hope this guy showing me cars doesn’t see that I’m scared.

6. He seems to actually care whether or not I like my car.

7. Do I want a red car or a blue car?

8. I feel like such an adult.

9. Wait. This one is perfect. It must be too good to be true.

10. OMG — this is my very FIRST CAR!

11. I hope this price is negotiable, not that I even know how to do that.

12. I’m gonna make you proud, mom!

13. I’m now one step closer to taking control of everything in my life.

14. This is scary but I know I can do this.

15. Breathe.

16. Into this scary office.

17. Wow, he actually went to talk to his boss about that low-ball price I threw out.

18. Wait. He said yes.

19. The car is mine?

20. That was so painless!

21. Buying a car is such a big deal and yet here I am.

22. I got everything I wanted.

23. I own a car!

24. This is amazing.

25. I rock.

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