This Video Will Explain 'The Real World' Better Than Anything You've Ever Seen

Are you currently enrolled in college but feel like you're just going through the motions? Do you ever wonder what it's going to be like when you finish your final class this week and enter the work force and the mystifying "Real World"?

There are many things they don't tell you in college about the daily grind of a full-time job and, trust us, not everything is glorious. There often isn't instant gratification, and hard work can go unnoticed or unappreciated, making it feel like an exercise in futility.

The routine and tedium of the day-to-day can be enough to drive people mad, or at least make them depressed to the point of no return. This, however, is all a choice.

Sure, you could go through the motions and passively  allow things like sitting in traffic or waiting in line at the grocery store ruin your day, but there is another choice.

The alternative starts with one major principle: the world doesn't revolve around you.

No, you are not the center of the universe, and no, you're not special by default. Not everyone graduating will become CEO, and not everyone will live a fulfilling life. You, however, do not have to be like everyone.

The commencement speech given to the 2005 graduating class of Kenyon College by late author David Foster Wallace may not be something you've ever heard, but it's something you should hear.

Luckily for those who weren't fortunate enough to hear the speech firsthand, the good folks at The Glossary have created an animated short featuring an abridged version of his incredible speech.

“THIS IS WATER” is a 9-minute video that should not be skipped over or ignored. This could be the one video that truly helps you understand why you've worked your ass off for the last four years, and why this is only the beginning.

Check out the incredible video below, and use it as motivation to be truly Elite!