5 Things You Can Only Do If You're 21 And A Free-Spirited Soul

by Tessa Harvey
Paul Van Bloem/Unsplash

Those free-spirited souls out there prefer to satisfy their wanderlust often, and spend most of their time immersing themselves in their thoughts.

They're free-thinkers, and don't really care what society deems to be the norm.

If you can relate to this, you probably get extremely excited about meeting new people, and aren't opposed to change. You value open-minded souls like yourself.

And let's be honest: Knowing you're a free spirit at 21 allows you the opportunity to do some really incredible things.

Here are five things you should be doing as a 21-year-old free spirit.

1. Save Up Money And Travel... Alone

Yeah, I know. You're a free spirit, so surrounding yourself with your friends is truly your happy place.

However, this is a time in your life when it's so easy to meet new people, make new friends, and open yourself up to new opportunity.

Traveling the globe makes that even easier. If you bring friends along, you may be confined to a specific itinerary, so it's best to plan your adventures solo.

2. Wear Whatever You Want

Tike Giorgadze/Unsplash

You're young and carefree, so figure out the unique style that you're happiest and most comfortable in.

This is one of the only times in your life where you won't be adhering to a specific dress code. You might have worn a uniform back in high school, and you'll most likely have to sport business attire in the workplace.

But for now, wear what puts you in a great mood.

3. Have Real Conversations With Everyone You Meet

Instead of keeping to yourself, you thrive off of talking to the people you see as you go about your day. Even if it's a stranger in the coffee shop, your personality is always one to make others feel at ease.

The uniqueness of the lives around you will pique your creative nature. Talk to your barista as you get your daily dose of caffeine, and make small-talk as you stand in line.

4. Truly Understand Yourself Now

You're only 21 once.

Take some time each day to journal, paint, or anything else that makes you feel introspective. Use this time to get a better understanding of yourself, your values, and who you are.

The documentation of yourself at this age is priceless... or at least, future you will think so.

As you're already so in tune with yourself, free spirits have the upper hand at getting in touch with their own perplexities.

5. Quit Your Job To Pursue Something You Love


Right now is the perfect (read: least complicated) time to figure what it is you truly are passionate about.

If you have the ability to do so, or find an opportunity knocking on your door, take the leap of faith and stop doing anything that isn't making you happy ASAP.

Free spirits are notorious for pursuing enjoyment in life. If you don't do something to find your passion now, you could end up stuck in a years-long situation that hurts your soul.