6 Things You Need To Stop And Celebrate About Being 20


Birthdays begin to change as you transition into adulthood.

Each birthday bash throughout your teens is celebrated in fun anticipation of growing up... but then what?

Between the monumental years of 18 and 21 are two highly overlooked birthdays.

For many, they're simply seen as another two years in the books. But the day you turn 19 is the bittersweet, grand finale of your juvenile years, and the birthday after that begins the stressful year in between your teen and adult years.

When you're 20, pretty much all you can think about is turning the big 21. Rather than dreading every long day, here are six things to stop and celebrate about being 20.

1. You're no longer looked at as a teenager.

When you step into your 20s, people begin to take you more seriously. You're no longer a confused, hormonal teen, but a professional, ambitious young adult.

You're ready to take on the world, advance in your career, and live it up with your friends at this different stage in your life.

2. You're not taking on all the responsibilities of #adulting just yet.

Some of the perks of being in your early 20s is you can stay on your parents' insurance for a few more years, and you can probably even convince your fam to keep you on their phone plan to save a few more bucks.

You're still their baby, after all.

3. You're feeling refreshed on the weekends, while your older friends are hungover.

Anastasia Zhenina/Pexels

While it may not sound super appealing to stay home while your friends who are 21 and over are hitting up the bar, you're missing out on a major consequence of drinking -- hangovers.

You can still go out with friends and have a great time without the alcohol or the headache in the morning.

4. You're still able to reach out to Mom and Dad for help.

You still can't legally drink, you're not quite finished with college, and you were basically a baby just days ago.

Mom and Dad are still on speed dial to help you get through all the tricky situations life throws at you, and that's perfectly OK.

5. You're almost done with school -- for good.

If you've taken the college route, your journey is nearly complete. You've spent the majority of your life in school, but the worst is definitely behind you.

Enjoy the rest of your education before you get thrown out into the real world.

6. You still have time to plan for your 21st birthday bash.

Salo Al/Pexels

The only thing more fun than having a 21st birthday is planning one.

Whether you'll be partying in Las Vegas or turning up at your local bar, you know your big day is going to be one for the books.