3 Things Everyone Should Know About Keeping Their Info Safe Online

by Jarone Ashkenazi

There are plenty of stories of cyber creeps, especially among the Millennials today. But forget about cyber-stalking. Identity theft and cyber-creeping are perhaps the latest trends.

We asked for a free, friendlier internet, but not with these creepy individuals' antics. Women are being tormented by such creeps and being taking advantage of.

So when it comes to dating, relationship expert April Masini advises women, "Don't just play defense, play offense. Use the internet to scope out anyone who wants to date you — or just talk to you — and you'll be able to ask more informed questions and find out quickly if they're for real or not." Check out their Facebook and see if you have any friends in common to help you feel safe in proceeding.

Do your digital due diligence before opening your heart. Be wary of digital pen pals, as these guys are playful at first and friendly, with the goal of becoming your BFF, "But buyer beware," says Julie Spira, online and cyber dating expert. "They will have a crisis and a goal of asking you to open your wallet. I say keep it shut. You're not their private piggy bank."

So follow these tips to have an added layer of safety:

1. Do not share your information with them.

While these creeps have perfected their skill, leveraging the internet to initiate and progress their vice, proceed with caution. The rule is pretty simple: do not give out any of your details. This one is certainly important for my cute, sassy and sociable girlfriends out there. Jealously guard your details. You are too beautiful for a senseless online assailant.

2. Be wary of suspicious calls, emails and texts.

Congratulations, you just landed yourself a lovely-looking online friend. But, hey did you know that he's a hyena in a sheep's skin? Currently, the online world is witnessing heaps and heaps of innovations that can trick you to give out your information. No creep will befriend you and abuse or intimidate you at the same time. Make friends with him, but stick to social media. Call, emails, and texts? No, no, no.

3. Play detective.

Let us play the FBI, at least for once. If you repeatedly ask this moron the same question, but he responds differently, just stop entertaining his audience. Google is a worthy friend that doesn't hide anything, so you ought to ask it as well. If he's not known, then he's not worth your time. Also, use Google reverse image search when you get someone's photos to see if they match up to a real person or if there have been any complaints about their photo. Be a detective.

Never pardon the creepy — NEVER!

Why put up with him anyway? You would rather pardon anyone out there, but not this dumbass! You know what's even silly with these freaks? When you refuse to oblige, they then resort to harassment. To stay away from these sketchy individuals, report them the moment they become troublesome.

Avoid getting hacked

A two-way log in system is tiring, demanding and really annoying until the heartless creep hacks your social media account. Imagine your beloved Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account in a pervert's hands, even if for a few minutes? You just have to be smart. Keep off these identity theft crosiers by adopting the two-step login process. Lengthy and tiring, but worth it.

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