10 Things To Do With Friends In Your 20s That Will Keep You Close In Your 30s

Brooke Cagle/Unsplash

We rarely begin any relationship knowing when it's going to end, but some friends just come and go.

However, there are those special gems who are truly meant to be in your life forever... and they come few and far between.

Despite the distance and time away, I'm still close with a handful of friends from my high school. Those are the incredible friendships I know in my heart will never, ever end. We're committed to being in each other's lives.

For those of you who have special friends like these in your life, you know it's all about making those lasting memories, no matter how much time tries to distance you.

The friends you have in your 20s could easily be your forever BFFs. It is possible to transition from Sex and the City to The Golden Girls, you just have to make the effort.

Here are 10 things to do with your friends in your 20s that will keep you close in your 30s.

1. Book a trip to your dream destination.

Ian Schneider/Unsplash

You'll always have Paris… or wherever you decide to go.

Whether it be a cross-country road trip, a weekend in Vegas, a breathtaking trip to the Grand Canyon, or even a European adventure, traveling somewhere special creates lasting memories for you and your friends.

Plus, you'll have epic pictures you'll definitely want to use for every #TBT for years to come.

2. Get to know your friends' families.

Every lasting friendship I have, I know their family.

Even if you never get to meet their family, just being familiar with them and taking the time to get to know things about them helps a friendship.

To be honest, I've never met my friend's mom, but we follow each other on Instagram. In some weird way, it makes me feel like a part of her family and closer.

3. Be the ultimate wingwoman.

Dating and relationships can be tough, but navigating them with your friends will at least make for some great stories.

Be the ultimate wingman, or what I like to call myself, the "fairy godmother." Heck, maybe you'll even help your bestie find her one true love, and at the wedding you can say how you played a vital role in making it all possible.

4. Find a TV show to watch (and gossip about) together.

Finding something you and your bestie solely do together will strengthen your bond like no other. Watch a teen drama together on a weekly basis, complete with wine and popcorn.

You can quote it to each other, and it will basically become some secret language you share.

5. Never, ever forget the importance of brunch.

Ali Inay/Unsplash

Set up a brunch routine. Meeting weekly, or even monthly, to sit around, eat food, drink bottomless mimosas, and talk about what's going on in your lives is so important.

Brunch is the super glue that keeps friends together for years.

6. Have many heart-to-hearts.

Sleepovers for adult friends are plain old fun, especially when you stay up all night watching movies, talking, and drinking wine.

It's in those late-night conversations where you can have true heart-to-hearts, and get to know each on a deeper level.

7. Be workout buddies.

Friends who work out together… feel compelled to help each other stay on track.

The best way to have fun is to find something you and your friends can enjoy together. It could be rock climbing, taking a dance class, or even running a marathon.

8. Don't pass up any opportunity for a prime photo shoot.

Seth Doyle/Unsplash

As cheesy as it sounds, plan a photo shoot with your friends. The shoot will be an irreplaceable memory to keep, and the pictures will be forever.

I did an awkward family photo shoot with my friends in high school, and they've been in every new apartment of mine ever since.

9. Spend the holidays together.

Your friends can become your chosen family for when your real family isn't around. If you can't make it home for Thanksgiving, have a Friendsgiving.

Making certain holidays become holidays you specifically spend with friends, can keep them around for years to come.

10. Always keep in touch.

You may be miles apart, but nowadays, there's literally no excuse why you can't keep in touch. Your friends are just a phone call, text, email, letter, or even social media post away.

Making sure to keep in touch is crucial, and even if you haven't spoken for some time, when you get back into conversation, it'll be like you never were apart.