12 Slightly Irrational Things Every BFF Has Done To Be The Best Wingwoman Ever

by Alexa Mellardo

We've all gone to slightly irrational (yet totally relatable) lengths in the name of being the ultimate wingwoman to a bestie.

Just as much as you'll be there for the PB to your J when she's having the absolute worst day ever, you'll also be there every step of the way when she spots a total babe across the bar.

And you'll still be there for her when she asks you to go on a double date with her crush and his friend (no matter how weird that friend may be).

It's how you roll, and you know she'd do the same for you in return.

Here are 12 of the ridiculous, yet necessary things every BFF has most likely done to be the best wingwoman ever.

Some people even offered up their hilarious, candid experiences as heroic wingwomen (names have been changed).

1. The time she ever so slyly disguised herself to see how the date was going.

Remember this awesome friend who went undercover to make sure her bestie's date went well?

She's the real MVP, and honestly, her impressive mustache deserves an award.

2. The time she crashed your date to save you from a stage five clinger.

We've all been there, done that, and #CrushedIt. When a friend is in dire need of our help, we'll do whatever it takes to rescue her.

An epic wingwoman has probably crashed several dates in person, casually pretending she "ran into" her friend at the same exact bar and absolutely NEEDED to catch up.

Or, you've probably responded to a friend's 911 text with a phone call pretending you're in the hospital. Whatever it takes, baby.

3. The time she blew off her own plans for the night to be your wingman.

Let's be honest: A good friend would totally blow off a date (with whom she regretted making plans in the first place) just to go out with you and fulfill some prime wingman duties.

4. The time she took one for the team and talked to a dude who was older than her dad.


Jasmine certainly did what she had to do so her BFF could talk it up with an older guy. She reveals,

One night out, my best friend locked eyes with this older dude. He was definitely good-looking, but also objectively old. We thought maybe 40ish. Soon enough, he comes over and brings his two friends along, who are both also old, but unfortunately not attractive in the SLIGHTEST. Like, white-haired, balding, pudgy, middle-aged men. Of course, now I had to f*cking wingwoman for my friend, who was aggressively flirting with the hot one she summoned over. Then, at the end of the night, the hot one dropped a huge bomb on us when he revealed he was actually 52. That's older than my dad! And THEN I find out one of his friends went to my college, and he kept trying to bond with me over that until I was like, 'When did you graduate?' And he's like, '1980.' The sheer magnitude of that was enough for me to be like, 'I'M OFFICIALLY DONE HERE.' The end.

5. The time she talked to a guy with NO TEETH for you.

Sarah says her friend talked to a toothless guy for her so she could cozy on up to his total bae of a roomie.

She reveals,

You know you have an amazing friend when she not only gets the value of a wingwoman, but is willing to put herself into literally any situation in order to help a sister out. My best friend Jamie once talked to a guy who had no front teeth for me. I was a regular at this bar, and really into this guy who would show up from time to time. One night, he was at the bar, and I was with Jamie, and he introduced us to his roommate, No Teeth. Not only did Jamie spend the entire evening with No Teeth so I could have my guy to myself, she also dealt with him getting drunker by the minute, as he constantly texted a girl in his phone under this name: Stop Texting This Bitch. In the end, I got the guy, and a new appreciation for my bestie, who would literally spend the evening talking to a guy with zero front teeth just to help me out.

Jamie, it's safe to say you defined #FriendshipGoals.

6. The time she spilled her drink on a dude so she could introduce him to you.

Sorry about your shirt, bro. A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.

7. The time she dropped the “How I Met Your Mother” pickup line.

Kate is a pro at this one. She reveals to Elite Daily,

When I'm wingmanning for my guy friends, I go up to the girl and her friends and casually chat them up. Then, I'll casually be like, “Oh, this is my friend Alex, he's awesome, he does XYZ and is the best.” Or, the “How I Met Your Mother” line, “Haveeeeeee you met Ted?"

8. The time she scouted out the entire bar for potentials.


When she didn't see any, she called the shots to hit up the next bar on the list.

9. The time (aka all the time) she made sure you got home safe with Domino's cheesy bread in hand.

That's a TRUE friend right there.

10. The time she called out the chick who tried to make a move on your new bae when you went to the bathroom.

20th Television

Back off, girl, or the claws are coming OUT.

11. The time she pretended she was her guy friend's twin sister, or estranged mother (depending on the circumstance, of course).

Kelly says whenever she goes out with her male roomie, people think they're a couple. So, what's a gal to do? She reveals,

My roommate and best friend is a boy (shock, gasp), and, when we go out, it's inevitable people think we're dating. (Mostly because we're tall and beautiful, amiright? Cough.) So, to rectify this, I always pretend to be some sort of member of his family, depending on the situation — long-lost cousin, twin sister, estranged mother — you name it. I often just do accents for fun. The long, intricate, and often tedious backstories we create tend to make him seem like a hero/saint/gent all rolled into one. It generally works, and, more importantly, I have the most fun. (That's the real end goal.)

12. The time she pushed you (with extreme force you didn't even know she had) into him on the dance floor.


Lindsay reveals to Elite Daily,

One time, I was at a bar in my hometown. I was dancing and saw this cute, tall guy that was totally killing the dance floor, so I upped my dancing game, and then my friend Talia pretty much pushed me into him. Then we danced together for a majority of the night, and he asked me for my number.

Instant success.