6 Things That'll Inevitably Happen When You're The First Friend To Tie The Knot

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Let's step into a time machine for a moment and rewind back to the high school days where I continuously repeated that I would never get married to a select few, close-knit friends. Now, let's speed it forward. All of these same ladies are aligned by my side, helping me assemble this white dress and watching me as I nervously fumble through my wedding vows. "Shocked" doesn't even begin to describe the way my friends took the news of my engagement. When you're the first friend to get married in your group, especially in your 20s, you have literally opened the gateway of "holy crap, we are actually adults."

I've never really cared about being first in anything. I was always just going at my own pace, and whatever happened, happened. But for me to be the first one to tie the knot was even a surprise to myself. I was never really into the whole idea of marriage until I met my now husband and all of my friends were firmly debriefed on my standoffish attitude toward it. After the shock settled, though, and we finally came to grips that we hadn't been transported to an alternate universe, several things happened along the way. So, if you're the first friend to get married in your squad, you probably encountered, or are currently encountering, a few of these things yourself.

1. You're Constantly Asked If You're Sure

The question isn't taking a jab at your decision making or anything. The news is just so major that your friends are literally trying to come to terms with the idea that you all can even do adult things like get married. "Are you sure" is more of an "are we allowed to do that yet?"

2. You're Required To Spill Every Single Detail

Leading up to the actual marriage, get ready to bring all your ladies along for the journey. For many, this is their first wedding to attend, so expect them to be fully involved in the entire process. It just comes with the territory.

3. You're Seen As Being A "Real" Adult

For some reason, when you're the first friend to get married, you're apparently slaying #adulting. This isn't necessarily true, but since we're wired to thinking that first comes love, then comes marriage, I guess it's not completely wrong that they think you're an adulting trailblazer or something.

4. Periods Of Emotional Convos And Reminiscing Are Inevitable

Due to the pivotal transition that's about to happen in your life, you and your girls have no choice but to cruise down memory lane. Of course there are worries that things will change too much, and the realization that you all aren't so much kids anymore. Yes, there will be tears.

5. You May Feel Sort Of Alone Transitioning To Married Life

You and your girls relate on so many levels. That's just how you bond and stay close as hell. Being the first one to tie the know can make you feel like you're a tad bit of an outsider because you won't have anyone who's experiencing that transition with you; they're just witnessing it.

6. Wedding Speeches Hit You Hard

For many of your friends, especially if you got married in your 20s, this is their first wedding. And if they're part of your wedding party, you know those speeches are genuine as hell. You're like the first baby bird who has left the girl squad nest and all your ladies turn into proud mama birds seeing you off into this new, exciting chapter of your life. Being the first friend to get married is surely something I will never forget. In some way, I know I got an attentive, genuine piece of my friends that I'll cherish forever.

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