11 Things Red Wine Drinkers Understand That White Wine Lovers Never Will

by Alexa Mellardo

I'm not usually the kind of gal who picks favorites when it comes to wine. I try to show all varieties some major loving.

Once upon a time, my go-to drink for a girls' night out was always a chilled bottle of chardonnay, because I was all about that white wine summer feeling.

But more recently, I've turned over to the dark side... exclusively.


Seriously, you can catch me every #WineWednesday now with a glass of pinot noir or merlot in one hand and chocolate ice cream in the other (because, duh).

For all of my fellow red wine fanatics out there, here are 10 things only red wine drinkers know to be true.

1. The struggle is so ridiculously real when you're trying to impress someone, and you spill red wine all over your chic, white sundress. But you own it nonetheless, because your love for red overpowers all.

2. Your favorite chocolate desserts taste SO much better when paired with a glass of red. In fact, there are specific guidelines for how to pair wine and chocolate, because we all know this extremely important business is not to be fucked with.

3. Regardless of the context, something about having a glass of red wine in hand always makes you feel like the classiest chick in the room.

4. Savoring a glass of red before bed can lull you to dreamland like no other drink can.

5. Red wine is the only type of alcohol that will actually change your sex life for the better.

6. There's something about reading a juicy novel while sipping a glass of red that makes you feel romantic AF.

7. Your wine Instagrams will always be perfectly represented by your favorite emoji (which you quite possibly overuse, but you DGAF about what anyone has to say).

8. Your parents bond with you in a new light when you begin to show a love and appreciation for red wine at family dinners.

Jill Chen

9. Red wine lovers are actually way more chill than the white wine drinkers out there… science says so.

10. Eating chicken, any kind of red meat or a cheese board without a glass of red wine to complement would simply be sacrilegious.

11. The holidays and cold months are just so much warmer and more tolerable with red wine around.

Even though I was once a white wine-obsessed chick myself, these temptations brought me over to the dark side, and they just might do the same for you.

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