25 Of The Most Incredible And Unique Parts Of Yourself That You Should Never Change

by Paul Hudson

Change is great – it’s an unavoidable facet of life. To change is to make progress, to learn, to live, to continue being. However, not all change is for the better.

People seem to always think that reinventing themselves is the best thing to do when they find themselves in a rut.

People want to change their location, change their friends, change the things they like to do. Sometimes it’s for the best. But not always.

Here are 25 things you should never change about yourself:

1. The little things that make you smile.

They make you smile for a reason. It’s those things that really make our lives worth living.

2. Your sense of style.

You’re you – dress like it. Your sense of style can change along with you as an individual, but never allow others to dictate how you express yourself.

3. The way you see the good in the world.

Not everyone is so lucky and those who are can often lose sight of the beauty. The beauty is always there – we just aren’t always paying attention.

4. Being silly.

Being silly is enjoyable; don’t let anyone fool you into believing it’s not.

5. Your great sense of humor.

The world can be a dark place, but not if we remember to laugh regularly.

6. Your sense of self.

Growing isn’t forgetting who you are and starting afresh. It’s building on what you’ve already experienced and learned.

7. Your hobbies.

As long as they give you pleasure, you should always dabble. They do more good than you know.

8. Your dreams.

There is no cut-off age for dreaming or fulfilling your dreams. Dreams don’t ever really change; they either change shape or get locked up and forgotten.

9. The friends who have proven to be friends time and time again.

Life doesn’t give you true friends very often. If you make some then do your best to keep in touch, no matter where life leads you.

10. Your energy.

Without energy, there is no life. You have it – you just need to remember to harness it continuously.

11. The way you get excited about the littlest of things.

The littlest and most trivial things have a way of actually being the things that make our lives amazing. Excitement is better spread out than taken in large single doses.

12. Your curiosity.

If you stop being curious, you stop learning. If you don’t learn, you can’t claim to live.

13. Your fascination with the world.

Never stop wondering, never stop daydreaming, never stop looking at the world in pure amazement. The world is meant to amaze you. Start worrying when it no longer does.

14. The way you question things.

Never take an answer at face value. Always dig deeper and never allow yourself to stop short of the answers you seek.

15. Your sexual prowess.

It’s not about looking and touching. It’s about having others want to look and touch you.

16. The way you love.

Unfortunately, the way we love changes on its own over time; however, sometimes it won't change from maturity, but from confusion. Don’t lose the essence of love. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world and can always be had once more.

17. Your faith.

I’m not talking about religion – that you can definitely change. But don’t lose faith in the human race and faith in yourself. People may be lost souls, but you do have the power to change that.

18. Feeling good in your own skin.

Your skin can feel a bit uncomfortable over time. Luckily, you have the power not to let it. Take care of yourself.

19. Your ethical standard.

Unless it’s lacking – then please change it.

20. Your morals.

Some may be tweaked, but most are usually solid to the core. We have a tendency to forget them over time or ignore them when they’re inconvenient.

21. The love you have for your family.

They may do stupid things. They may make huge mistakes. But they are your blood. They have your DNA. If only for that, they should be allotted another chance.

22. Your desire to live life to the fullest.

For whatever reason, life throws us plenty, most people tend to get stuck in low gear. Just keep in mind that there is a very high likelihood that you won’t get another chance to live the way you want to live.

23. Your tendency of making mistakes.

Unless, of course, you make the same ones over and over again. Otherwise, making mistakes is very healthy. If you’re not making new ones then you aren’t doing much in your life.

24. Your open-mindedness.

We have a way of becoming set in our ways with time. The world spins and things change. You often have to relearn what you think you knew.

25. The need to try new things and experience new experiences.

Never stop exploring, stop experimenting and doing the things that you never thought you’d see yourself doing. That’s what life is all about: discovery.

Photo credit: Jason de Plater

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