7 Things You Loved About Going Out In College That Are Annoying AF In Your 20s

Kendyle Nelsen/Unsplash

College was my first chance at navigating adulthood, and it was also a beautiful glimpse of freedom.

I loved the #YOLO mentality of going out every night because I knew I could sleep in as long as I pleased the next morning.

We partied all night long and checked things off our bucket list with no regrets.

But, there are some things we all loved about going out in college that are seriously annoying now that we're in our 20s.

Don't get me wrong, I still like to party, but the party has changed a bit. It's a different world when you're a post-grad.

Here are seven things you loved about going out in college that are annoying AF now.

1. Bar Hopping Was A New Thing


In College: Turning 21 was a spectacular milestone you hit in college.

Going to a new bar that had a million beers on tap looked like such a fun adventure. Why not try them all?

In Your 20s: Now that you've tried them all, you know your drink of choice. When you see a wall of beers on tap, it's too much. Is there a smaller menu?

2. You Could Party All Night Long

In College: If you scheduled your classes right, the earliest you had to wake up the next day wasn't until the afternoon. You could stay out with your friends until the bars closed.

In Your 20s: It's hard to bow out before the party ends, because the FOMO can be all too real. But you have a busy schedule, so you factor in how much sleep you need and usually put a curfew on when you have to leave.

3. Throwing Parties Happened On A Weekly Basis

Blake Lisk/Unsplash

In College: It was exciting when your roomie threw a spontaneous rager in your apartment. This was the first time you realized you could have a party simply in honor of #TurnUpTuesday.

In Your 20s: Now, when your roomie throws a spontaneous party, you're wondering what's the occasion and who's going to clean this up in the morning?

4. You Had Your Go-To Campus Bar

In College: You had your go-to bar near campus. You knew all your friends would be there, and it's where you could find the cheapest beers for broke college students.

In Your 20s: Now, you have to find a bar that's equidistant to all of your friends. There's no go-to bar easily accessible for everyone, and if it is, it's probably not the cheapest.

5. All Of Your Friends Were In One Place

In College: Your friends all lived on campus or close enough that you could just meet somewhere nearby, and nobody worried about a schedule.

Every night was essentially a party night.

In Your 20s: If your friends live in a different city or part of town, you rarely see them. It's hard to get the gang all together, but you want to remain in each other's lives.

You seriously need a separate calendar to keep track of when everyone is free.

6. Everyone Was Totally Cool With Cheap Beer

Michael Discenza/Unsplash

In College: Everyone was all about the cheap beers. We were just happy to be at a party that had beer.

In Your 20s: Now, everyone's taste has most likely changed. You can't just get a pack of whatever's the cheapest option at the corner store for your next party.

7. You Bounced Back Fast From A Night Out

Christopher Flowers/Unsplash

In College: You could quickly bounce back the next day, ready to party all over again. Nothing was going to stop you, and you truly believed you were invincible.

In Your 20s: Now, the bounce back has lost some elasticity. You probably need a few extra hours of sleep, and way more french fries to coax your hangover. Give me all of the cheese and bacon you have, please.