5 Ways Your Life Will Improve After You Purge It Of Toxic People

by Lexi Palmer

Everyone has heard of a food detox where you eat well and intend to cleanse your body and sometimes shed some fat in the process.

Detoxing make you feel lighter, happier and healthier.

Doing a food detox is easy, but what about getting rid of toxic people?

We can sometimes acquire friends who act just like poisons or extra fat in our body, but unfortunately, it takes a lot more than a just food cleanse to get rid of them.

They cause more drama than all of your other friends combined, and they are typically the ones to rule or ruin nights.

And, when it comes down to arguments between you and them? It can be more emotionally draining and time consuming than any issue should ever be.

“We’ve been through a lot,” you argue back to your other friends he or she has "had my back a lot, too.”

We all have or have had someone, or even a few people, like that in our lives.

I had a few of them in my life until recently. At first, I was upset I lost people who I thought were my closest friends, but then after seeing how my life changed since they left, it was clear I gained more by letting go.

I realized by losing them, I cut out some unnecessary fat and stress from my life.

Here are some of the things I realized I gained when I detoxed my friend group:


Toxic people are, more often than not, extremely insecure. When around them, it is easy to get consumed by body hating and people bashing.

Being around that mentality makes it easy to slip into that same mindset and become extremely self-conscious.

When you step away from that mindset, it is amazing how your confidence can shoot through the roof.


Insecurity breeds cattiness. We spend too much time thinking about other people as it is. Making fun of how other people look or are dressed is always a waste of time and is never called for.

When you start eliminating shallow thoughts, you start opening yourself up to bigger ideas and concepts.

After losing said friends, goals were the main topic of conversation. The more time you spend focusing on goals, the easier they are to achieve.


Late-night phone calls, bathroom bawling sessions, early-morning pick-ups, fights, alcohol, passive aggressive texts and so much more all come with toxic people.

You end up putting more energy into their lives than your own, and you get nothing in return.

As a result, you end up possibly not performing where you should be at work or not exercising as much as you originally wanted.

When you get rid of toxicity (whether that be toxic people or toxic foods), your body and mind begin to start focusing on bettering yourself.


People who want to confront issues talk in person; people who want to create drama do everything but.

From sub-tweets to the silent treatment, toxic people want to be in control of everything.

This means they will do anything to make you feel uncomfortable and beg for their forgiveness.

When you stop caving to their manipulation techniques, your life becomes so much simpler and drama-free.


When you hang out with toxic people, you are automatically assumed to be one of them.

People who don’t even know you will automatically judge you based on previous stories they have heard and it can really be tough to shift their perception of you.

Many opportunities to connect and network could be lost because of the notoriety of the company you surround yourself with.

They always say you are a sum of the five people you hang around the most.

At the end of the day, you choose whom you want to become and who you want to surround yourself with.

And, just like my liver after spring break, I don’t want to deal with any more toxins than I must. Trim the fat, detoxify — whatever you want to call it.

If it can help your body, it can most certainly help your life.