20 Things You Should Do With Your Partner Before You Tie The Knot

You're engaged, completely in love … and planning a wedding.

Listen up, brides-to-be: Your special day when you tie the knot will be here before you know it, and a beautiful new chapter will most certainly begin. But there are so many amazing and plain old, practical things to include on your bucket list before you get married.

Although engagements are an exciting time, the pressures of making decisions and arrangements for the wedding and the insane amount of stress that comes along with it can take on a life form of its own. It will always be important to continue making special plans with your main man and to spend time doing the things that you enjoy.

It is possible, however, that once you tie the knot, your priorities will change a bit. It's possible that buying a home or starting a family will move up on your wish list. Both of these steps will be spectacular, but they're all the more reason to get the party started now.

I put together a list of amazing plans to consider doing before you tie the knot with the love of your life. Some are just for fun, and some are fundamental steps that every couple should take.

1. Dance barefoot in the rain because why the heck not?

2. Learn to disagree, and know how much fun it can be to make up.

3. Watch an amazing sunrise and sunset together.

4. Create a financial plan together so you're on the same page with saving and spending.

5. Take turns planning a surprise date night for one another.

6. Discuss whether or not you both want children and how many.

7. Plan travel destinations for your future milestone anniversaries.

8. Spend quality time with one another's friends and family. Really get to know them.

9. Get in the habit of writing one another love notes. Remind your SO how happy he or she makes you every single day.

10. Get any secrets you may have out in the open.

11. Routinely plan a friends' night so the both of you can have your own space and time with your squad.

12. Stay at a bed and breakfast.

13. Get to really know your respective in-laws. The term in-laws gets a bad rap. But face it: They raised your SO, so they are probably pretty cool.

14. Take a hot air balloon ride.

15. Decide on the game plan that each of you would like for your life together, and agree on one that works for both of you.

16. Rent a convertible.

17. If you aren't already living together, talk about household chores and the best way to share them.

18. Plan a road trip.

19. Learn to always support one another in every way you can. This means sucking it up and doing things each of you loves to do. At the same time, realize it's OK to keep your own hobbies as well.

20. Plan a spa weekend together and get a couples massage.

Everything spectacular in life requires dedication, loyalty and perseverance. A great relationship is no exception, but the rewards are immeasurable.