Struggling With Your Post-Grad Job Search? Why You Should Work For A Non-Profit

As a college-educated student entering the scary post-graduate world, I have been thinking more and more about what I want to do and what my interests are. It amazes me how easy it is to do a quick Google search and find so many available jobs while knowing that there’s a solid chance I won’t secure any of them.

Day after day, I try to craft portraits of the ideal job. I often ask myself what am I really doing at these jobs. What is the meaning in working a nine-to-five at a corporate firm selling (sometimes useless) products just for an exchange of a paycheck? Sometimes it seems too idealistic.

Maybe I should just be happy and thankful that I have the option to apply for any and all types of corporate jobs, because there is still a great chance that I’ll yield none of them. I know I want to work at a place that is sustainable and will leave me feeling fulfilled.

This has led me to think increasingly about doing non-profit work. One of my mentors jumped from a corporate job to a non-profit one and told me how eye-opening it was to do work that exudes meaning. Most college grads are shuffled into jobs of being an assistant or a marketing coordinator or a glorified barista unsure of the next step in life, but there are plenty of jobs that are available in which one can earn a paycheck while making an impact on a group of individuals.

Here are some reasons why you should consider a job with a non-profit organization:

No Set Title

You don’t come into the non-profit world as just a director or a coordinator or something else. You’ll get the chance to take multiple roles in the organization and have the chance to challenge yourself and define your work, not your title.

Have Direct Involvement In A Community

Community engagement is the backbone of the non-profit world. Even if you take an entry-level job, you’ll have the chance to have a hands-on experience and create action plans to better the lives of those who surround you.

It Will Humble You

In working with non-profits, not only will you hear stories of chaotic and tumultuous lives, but you will get to witness staggering sights firsthand. You will see the strength and perseverance of some people and how they can manage to stand on their feet, despite adversities. You’ll know that the people with whom you work need your help and it will likely lead you to feel appreciative of the items and experiences that you normally take for granted.

If you are interested in non-profit employment, check out these organizations:​ Health LeadsCollege SpringKicking 4 Hunger, and, others.

Working at a non-profit is definitely not for everyone — they generally require long hours and offer low compensation. But at the end of each day, you will feel fulfilled.

Photo via Tinder