All The Different Ways You've Smoked Weed, Based On What Age You Were

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It's 420 today, and you better believe stoners all over the world are prepared. With the rising number of states legalizing recreational and medicinal marijuana, more and more people are partaking in a little puff, puff, pass.

However, back in the good old days of your early teen years, you just tried pot to seem cool when your friend's older brother was smoking it. Kids had to get creative if they wanted to smoke. There was no online shopping back then, so it's not like you could just go online and order a bong. We also couldn't just walk into a smoke shop and pick up a pipe. If you wanted to get high, you had to find a way to do it. So, we built our own devices.

The apple bong was the first object I had ever smoked out of. I remember having to make sure I cut and hollowed out the area enough to build a good pool of smoke into it. Then, it was making a gravity water bong out of big orange juice containers and a bucket, or a milk gallon container in a flower pot filled with water.

Gravity bongs brought on a whole new level of high. They gave you that full-body, morph-into-the-couch high. The area where the smoke builds up is so big that you get a huge hit every time. Plus, it was a great way to conserve weed because it did not require a lot to stuff the bowl.

College was the time when bongs, bowls, water pipes and such came into the mix. Everyone was 18 and legal adults, meaning we could go and purchase these ourselves. There were no parents in college to tell us drugs were made, and we didn't have to hide our weed from anyone (except maybe our RAs freshman year, but they don't count). You were free to blaze from sun up to sun down, but that wouldn't have been so productive for your academic responsibilities.

College was the first opportunity for most of us to smoke what we wanted, how we wanted and when we wanted. Before, it was whenever you could sneak away or whenever it was convenient. Now, you could start determining your smoking preferences, strains, etc.

After graduating from college, everyone was frantically scurrying trying to find a job. Most jobs these days, at least at major corporations or large companies, require drug testing before they hire you. This is when most stoners realize they are going to have to put the bong away for a few months, focus on getting a job and pass their drug test.

Once you have a job, though, it is pretty smooth sailing. In your 20s, you're trying to maintain a full-time job, friends, relationships and responsibilities. So, you can't just be smoking away the day. You can't be high as a cloud all day, every day. Well, you could, but then I doubt you would be able to successfully manage the aforementioned above.

When you feel like you're settled into a job and have got this adult life somewhat figured out, smoking weed is like coming home to a glass of wine at night. Sure, we'd love to smoke all day, every day, but that's just not realistic.

Stoners go through stages of heavy smoking and light smoking; it all depends on how marijuana affects that particular individual and the person's state of mind and productivity levels. Some people just don't like getting stoned. They don't like the feeling of it, which is OK because it affects each person differently. For others, getting high is a way to wind down, relax and wind down at the end of a long day. Marijuana does not incapacitate them, and they are not dysfunctional when they are high. They are just a little bit more mellow and chilled out.

As an adult, you are obviously free to do as you please in terms of your smoking habits. What do you want? How do you want it? And how much are you willing to pay for it? The choice is yours. You decide on the quality and quantity of what you want. You have to add marijuana expenses into your monthly budget because it does add up.

Smoking methods vary the most at this stage because people can really smoke however they want. It is a complete matter of preference. So, this 420, spark up a blunt, light a doobie, put a match to your bong and let's celebrate the progress that's been made in destigmatizing marijuana. On a 420 in the future, maybe we can all meet up and toke together.

Happy 420, potheads.