The Ultimate Breakup: How To Let Go Of College, The Greatest Love Affair Of All

You saw your dream school in pamphlets and on TV; that's where the crush began. The acceptance letter, the visits and the late nights debating whether to go to this school or that school were all just foreplay. Finally, you decided on a college and committed to the relationship.

The past four years (more or less) have had their ups and downs, but overall, it has been a blast. However, you know it's time to move on.

So, how are you going to break up with college... in a healthy way?

1. Make amends with your ex/friends who have wronged you.

Let's face it: If you didn't luckily stumble upon "the one" in college, your years were a bag of tricks, hookups, short "long-term relationships," cheats and other things that you tell everyone was a good learning experience.

Some times were awesome and fun, while others were probably the worst points of your life. In any sense, you need to look at a calendar, then in the mirror and remind yourself that time has passed and you've moved on (hopefully).

With that being said, try to make amends with the people who have screwed you over. Sure, you may never see them again after graduation, but don't you just want that closure?

It's going to take a lot of courage, but it'll be worth it. Send that awkward "heyyy" text or that impending Facebook message. Break the ice and just let it happen. Be mature, let out your feelings and then let it go.

You don't have to be best friends; you don't even have to promise to hang out more often. Just clear the air and it'll clear your conscious and your mind.

2. Take the 's' out of 'stalk' and TALK to the cutie.

College may have provided us with higher education, great parties and nights we can't remember, but one thing we've all exponentially excelled at is social media stalking.

I know you all have looked at a friend's tagged picture, clicked through to the cute guy in the corner and gotten onto his Facebook, only to become upset at the fact that everything is private. Right? Maybe?

In any case, let's stop hiding behind our phones and computers. Go up and talk to that cutie who lived on your floor freshman year. Don't be just another "like" on Instagram; you have nothing to lose.

Granted, you could get turned down, but you could also graduate wondering if something would have happened. Who knows? Maybe he or she thought you were cute all along and you'll get married and have children and live happily ever after. It could happen.

3. Make friends in class.

I don't know about you, but I'm the loud and social person who is disturbingly silent in class. With the silence, of course, comes loneliness. Questions I have on an assignment are only answered by Google instead of a classmate and late-night emails to the TA about deadlines that would have been more easily answered by a friend.

Talk to that random person next to you in lectures, discussions or labs. Who knows if he or she is the one setting the curves in class or if he or she knows good places to drink on Thursday nights.

If you're in class with friends, there's no harm in making new ones. Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is super useful in classroom settings.

4. Turn that internship into a job as soon as possible.

You've gone through tons of internships, but what will you do now? Grad school? Keep on interning? Take time off? Travel? Look for a job?

In any situation, turn whatever you have into something secure and stable. Internships turn into jobs all the time; just make sure you are persistent and aggressive.

Even if you're planning to take time off to "find yourself," there's no harm in looking at a little job security in a company and career path that you've been enjoying during your time in college. Try not to sit idly after graduation; you have so much potential, so USE IT. F-unemployment can only be fun for so long.

5. Show some school spirit!

Whether it be attending a sporting events, free concerts at your campus or even illegal school traditions, don't miss your opportunity to be a college student at YOUR college.

Every school is different and has something unique that can't be found at any other time or place, so do your best to participate in something. When will you ever be this young, free and part of a community again?

It was a long and wonderful relationship with college. It was your significant other for years and years. You both have been happy with each other, have found frustrations with each other and have overcome many obstacles together. It'll be tough breaking up, but it has to happen, so you might as well have it happen in the healthiest way possible: with no hard feelings.

Good luck, and try not to be irrational; you don't want to be that crazy ex who keeps showing up at frat parties well into your 30s, right? 

Photo via Neighbors