We've All Been There: These GIFs Perfectly Describe Having An STD Scare

by Eddie Cuffin

Yup it happens, you sometimes play wingman and after a few drinks, you end up waking up next to a fat chick. Not just any fat chick, but the one that hooked up with half the people in the club. All you intended to do was to keep her harmlessly entertained while your friend closes the deal with the hot one. Well a few drinks later, coupled with some time on the dance floor, you find yourself waking up next to her in the morning.

Now you're sitting there miserable thinking to yourself, "this can't be happening." The sun is coming up and it's time for you to take that walk of shame like a man. You hail a cab and think to yourself "Did I really just f*ck a fat chick?"...Yes, you did. And not only did you f*ck a fat chick, you f*cked a slutty fat chick.

On your walk of shame you can't help but think about the sin that you have just committed and on top of that you're now worried about catching an STD. You can't be the only one that hit it (that night) and it's time you face your destiny. The walk home is not great and things begin to weigh on your mind. Here are the GIFs that perfectly describe your STD scare:

The moment you wake up and realize that you just made a huge mistake.

The dramatic experience of getting a random itch that causes you to panic.

Stressing out as you spend hours on WebMD looking up potential symptoms, trying to figure out what it may be.

Telling yourself that you are probably overreacting and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.

The moment your mind goes all wild and starts running crazy scenarios through your brain.

Your friends constantly giving you the 'I told you she was dirty' convo ad nauseam.

Picturing telling your parents and friends that you have an STD.

Thinking whether or not you should get tested.

The long silent commute to the clinic.

Frantically sitting in the clinic waiting to be tested.

Not being able to sleep at night as you wait for your test results to come in.

Feeling like sh*t the next morning because you couldn't sleep while you were waiting on the results.

The results are finally in and you receive the phone call from the clinic.

Your reaction as your results are negative.

The moment you tell yourself you are never going to do this again.