Why Your Best Friends In Life Are The Ones Who Never Judged You

by Sonya Matejko

We are all going to have our unfortunate moments, whether it’s the stupid thing we do after one too many drinks or the amount of food we inhale at dinner.

What turns these moments into memories is a certain kind of company: the non-judgmental kind.

They're there for the moments you just want to let your hair loose, knowing someone will be there to hold it up for you later, and everything else in-between.

We'll all have to grow up at some point, but it’s the people who stick with you through your immature rants and naïve outbursts who you’ll have "Sex and the City" style lunches with in your 40s.

A judgment-free zone will make for the best nostalgic dinners down the road.

Truly, it’ll set the tone for the rest of your friendship.

What Your Non-Judgmental Friends Are Like

When real-life problems happen — when the world really does crumble down at your feet, you’ll want to turn to the ones who didn’t judge you for calling your ex-boyfriend 40 times and scream at them when they tried to take your phone.

You’ll want to spend whatever time you may have on this Earth with the people who enjoy your company without any catch.

These friendships give as much as they take. You can vent as much as you want because you know they really care to listen, and it’s a judgment-free zone.

When life’s most trivial events come to pass, you’ll turn to the ones who didn’t judge you for the pint of ice cream you ate after work and instead grabbed a spoon to share it with you.

Life is better with the friends who never make you feel alone, and even if they don’t understand you, they are always willing to try instead of criticizing you.

It’s the non-judgmental people who are the ones to whom you can text a novel about whether you should go to the gym that day (or every day).

They’re the ones who forgive you for the spilling, the tripping, the drunken texting and the endless “I’ll be there in 5 minutes” lies.

Life is just better with the friends who won’t gossip about you going crazy when you felt a little wild because they were right there with you.

They’re the ones you make epic stories with, which you probably won't tell the grandkids.

What You're Like With Your Non-Judgmental Friends

The person you would be if you never had to worry about trying to be a certain way would simply be you.

It’s probably the person you are when you’re getting ready to go out with your friends, singing off-key and dancing in your underwear.

You’re probably that person at brunch going over your life plan that has probably changed (again) since last Sunday, or it’s when you’re caring way too much about something stupid and your friends are there to snap you out of it instead of making fun of you for it.

You’re most likely this person when you have no filter (unless it’s on Instagram).

You’re open, and you feel safe because these friends just get you — the real you. And it doesn’t come with any stipulations.

Be the person you want to be, and be around those who appreciate the collection of traits you embody instead of questioning them. Around them, you’re the best person you could be because you’re simply being yourself.

In the end…

Life is just simply better sharing it with people who you don’t have to worry about impressing.

Later in life, when the babies are crying, the husbands are working, the dog is eating god knows what and your plumbing breaks all at once, you’ll want to turn to those who didn’t judge you in your carefree days, when things were easy but still seemed so hard.

You’ll want the people who stand next to you at your wedding, at your kid’s graduation and at your grandkid’s first birthday to be the ones who never made you feel awkward or uncomfortable about who you were.

They didn’t judge you. Instead, they grew with you.

They learned with you. They f*cked up with you. They believed in you.

So, we’ll grow out of this awkward 20s stage when we’re walking a tightrope between hangovers and bridal showers.

The only thing that matters is who will be at the end of the line, martini in hand (you’ve matured, obviously), not judging you for the times you fell along the way.

It’s the ones who never judged you who gave you the space to become the person you were always meant to be.