#PostGradProblems: The Difficulties Every Fresh Out Of College 20-Something Faces

by Marenah Dobin

Just because college is over doesn't mean the problems are. In fact — it couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re no longer a student, but you are far from the prominent alum you aspire to become; you are stuck in an in-between world full of #PostGradProblems.

You’re too old to be young, wild and free, but too young to settle down. Still don’t understand what I mean? Scroll through this list of common post grad problems and see if you can relate.

Learning that this whole salary thing is actually a myth: you owe all your money to somebody, somewhere.

Actually contemplating freezing to death to avoid paying to turn on the heat.

That awful moment of panic before you check your bank account.

Does using coupons make you look cheap?

Resorting to the “Sort by Price: Low to High” options when online shopping. And by online shopping, I mean filling up a cart with clothes you’re too poor to actually purchase.

Responding with “I just feel like chilling tonight” when people ask what your plans are. Stop kidding yourself — everyone knows this is just a euphemism for "I'm broke."

Becoming a parasite on a friend of a friend’s Netflix account because you can’t justify spending $8 a month.

Pretending you aren’t hungry when your coworkers invite you to lunch just because you don’t feel like paying for it.

Requesting money for Christmas and your birthday just so you can pay for bills.

Hating your job. Just kidding.

Identifying with Edward Norton’s character in “Fight Club.”

Doing as little as possible, as often as possible, but then, no one even notices because your job is that unimportant.

Pretending to be busy at work, then realizing that it’s more difficult than actually being busy at work. Fake typing is an art form.

Trying to find a new job without anyone at your current job finding out.

Caring about your appearance and mourning the days when you could wear leggings as pants.

Gchatting and the office messenger system have become your primary social interactions.

Proofreading an email five times, pressing send and then catching a grammar error.

Accidentally hitting “reply all” and thinking your life is ruined.

Having an irrational fear that you’ll fail a drug test despite the fact that you don’t do drugs.

Mindlessly writing “Happy Birthday” on a condolence card that’s being passed around the office.

Learning the hard way that the 2:30 feeling is actually a very real thing.

Taking a power nap before going out and waking up nine hours later.

Not making the company’s baseball team.

Planning meetings to plan other meetings.

Wishing your coworkers were hotter (don’t deny it).

Running out of people on Tinder because you now live in the middle of nowhere.

Scouting LinkedIn for romantic prospects.

When every extended family member likes photos of you with someone of the opposite sex immediately after it’s posted.

Fearing that your parents will have to set you up with an arranged marriage.

Your Facebook newsfeed is full of engagement announcements and baby photos. Meanwhile, you’re still busy untagging belligerent photos from last weekend.

Everyone starts becoming a “we” and you’re still just “me.”

Living with your parents again.

Simultaneously envying and hating college students.

Getting judged for drinking on weekdays.

You can’t drink cheap liquor anymore, but you still can’t afford top-shelf.

No more Thirty Thursday without wanting to die at work Friday. That smell of bad decisions is really not acceptable when you sit 10 feet from your boss’s desk.

Hangovers just keep getting worse and lasting longer.

Accepting that your college days are behind you and you might not be where you want to be regarding your job and personal life. Accept that this is all a normal part of growing up.

Photo credit: Van Wilder