The Answer To Life Isn't Simple: Every Day Is A Multiple Choice Test For Personal Growth

The test of growth is evolving and dynamic. Each day is a new opportunity to answer yesterday's puzzling questions: all days present a test with multiple choice answers. You could pick the right one, the wrong one, or skip the question, but in order to achieve a desired result, questions must be answered correctly.

As you continue to grow and experience all that life has in store for you, your test will naturally get more difficult. Some questions may be reoccurring — these represent the experiences in your life in which you keep getting stuck. These questions provide an opportunity for profound change in life and should not be faced with anguish, but with gratefulness for the opportunity to finally move past the obstacle.

Always remember the strength required to surpass this point — the lessons learned from the struggling process will be your greatest fuel when encountering the next tough question.

The ability and know how to fight rather than crumble in the face of adversity is the ultimate strength. This strength will stay with you as you continue forth with your test. With each new question will come a lesson from which you will be more open to learning and growing.

While this all may seem so simple, it's far from it. If all anyone had to do to succeed was read a book, emulate a role model or invest in some get-rich-quick scheme, life would be dull.

It's while struggling on the path to enlightenment where one finds his or her value. On this test, regardless of how many people have already taken it, or how many times you have attempted to answer a given question, the situations will always be different. Cheating is impossible because you can't know the questions before they present themselves — you can only try to fully understand the concepts.

It's not the questions themselves that matter on tests, it's the ability to apply a sound fundamental understanding of the lessons learned along the way.

Every day, a choice exists to reinforce the concepts you have learned to aid you in choosing the right answer to a given question.

Photo courtesy: Bella Byrinth Tumblr