The 45 Things No One Wants To Hear You B*tch About Anymore

by Lauren Martin

I'm tired of talking. I'm tired of listening. I'm tired of meaningless conversations. I'm tired of all the bullsh*t and all the complaining. I'm tired of hearing the same regrets, complaints and nagging.

I'm tired of people speaking just to speak. I'm tired of people complaining about things they can't change, but more frustratingly, the things they can.

It's time for people to either nut up or shut up. There are things that we all have to deal with that we all hate, but as my mother always says, "That's life."

So for all of you who are tired of the complaining or those of you who can't seem to stop complaining, here's a list of the 45 things everyone needs to stop bitching about.

The Weather

Everyone is dealing with it, not just you. It sucks, the world is ending, we know this. But your incessant complaining about it doesn't make it any less cold or rainy.

Being Single

Nut up or shut up. The main reason you're single is probably because you won't stop complaining.

Your Girlfriend

If your girlfriend sucks, break up with her. Otherwise stop bothering everyone with your relationship problems that only make us never want to have one ourselves.

Your Boyfriend

If you think your boyfriend is cheating on you, he probably is. If he's just a horrible boyfriend, then break up with him. However, don't do it if you're just going to bitch about being single.

Your Rent

If you can't afford it, move. If you can afford it, then you're worse than cheap -- you're just annoying.

Your Period

Half the population gets it and the other half will not relate to your aches and pains. Suck it up and take it like a woman.

Your Parents

Their nagging is annoying, but you wouldn't be here without them. Stop biting the hand that feeds you and start appreciating them more.

Your Hangover

No one feels bad that you're sick because you drank too much. Deal with it or just never drink again.

Splitting The Bill

Sometimes it's annoying to pay more money than you owe, but five more dollars isn't going to break the bank. Just go with the flow and get over it or don't go out to dinner in large groups.

Cab Drivers

Use cabs at your own risk. Complaining that they overcharged you or that you got stuck in traffic is your problem for not knowing how to use the subway system.

Lost iPhone

Sorry, but it happens. There are starving kids around the world who've never even seen an iPhone. Buy a new one or go back to your old flip phone. It's not the end of the world and no one really cares.


There's nothing anyone can do. Learn to live with it or to stop driving all together.

High Prices

If you don't want to pay $150 for a pair of designer jeans then go to Target like everyone else.

Justin Bieber

Unless the kid is causing you direct harm, just ignore him. You don't have to go to his concerts, watch him pee in custodian buckets or dress like a gangster.


We all have to pay them and we all hate them. Try to remember what the taxes are going towards and you won't feel as bad.


Eat the bread or don't eat the bread, just stop bitching about it.

A Bad Haircut

It will grow out and no one actually cares that you look like Aaron Carter now.


If you can't stand selfies, get off Facebook, Instagram and any other social media site. You don't have to see them if you don't want to.

Your Uncomfortable Shoes

No one made you wear them. If you decided to choose beauty over comfort, that's your stupid decision and we shouldn't have to hear the consequent complaining.

Global Warming

Rather than constantly complaining about it, why don't you do something about it?

Internet Lists

If you hate internet lists, just stop clicking on them. But don't ruin them for everyone else.

The Last Time You Got Laid

Buy a vibrator, go to a bar or shut the hell up.

Holistic Medicine

If women want to experience childbirth without an epidural, that's their choice. No one is judging you for all the modern medicine you're taking, so leave the other side alone.

Subway Rides

They are crowded for everyone. If you really can't stand it, learn how to take the bus.

Ungrateful Kids

The generation after us will always have more than we do. Get over it, your childhood wasn't that bad because you didn't have an iPhone.

Student Loans

It sucks, we're sorry, but we're tired of hearing about it.


If you really can't stand your governor, mayor or president, then move out of the country or run for office.

Miley Cyrus' Transformation

Yes, she's on drugs. Yes, she's crazy. No, you don't have to watch her.


It's part of our culture. We could add a service fee like they do in Europe or you could just give your waitress a few bucks. Either way, it's necessary.

Being Old

It's an inevitable part of life. Complaining about being old is as frustrating as someone complaining about having feet.

Your Dying iPhone Battery

No one cares that you can't text until you charge your phone. You should probably get off your phone anyways.

Your Bad Grades

We're sorry you failed, but it's no one's problem but your own. Also, it's a problem that's usually fixed by studying.

The Gym

Get fat or work out. Either way, don't complain about it.

Being Cold

If you can't remember to bring a sweater, you deserve to be cold and no one around you needs to hear about it.

A Bad Movie

So you didn't like the movie you saw. I'm sure you've wasted more than 90 minutes of your life on worse things.

Starbucks Prices

You don't need to get your coffee there! Go to a deli, gas station or, better yet, make it yourself!

A Bad Meal

Not every meal out is going to be great. Use this as a lesson to never go back to that restaurant. But complaining about it all the way home isn't going to make it better.

Delayed Flights

It's inevitable that things will happen with a 487 ton piece of metal flying across the sky. Thank your lucky stars you live in a time when you even have the option to fly across an ocean.

A Bad Date

If you didn't meet the love of your life, it just means he or she is still out there. Stop complaining and go on another one.

Your Weight

There are worse things than being overweight. If you really can't stand it then stop eating and go to the gym. But complaining will never burn the calories you need.

A Bad Sunburn

Unfortunately, you were the idiot who didn't wear sunscreen. That's your problem and for those who have to look at you all day, the only pain they should have to endure is looking at your red face.

A Promotion You Didn't Get

You're never gonna get another chance if you keep complaining about it.

Your Dirty Apartment/Room

Clean it or shut the hell up. There's absolutely no reason you should be complaining about something you have complete control over.

International Travesties

Unless you are going to do something to help, stop complaining about other people's unfortunate plights as an addition to your own to pretend your conscientious.

Your Best Friend's Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Sorry he or she sucks, but complaining to everyone about it only makes it a relationship everyone must now deal with.

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