The 30 Reasons That Generation-Y Is The Modern Day 60s

by Lauren Martin

Maybe I’ve watched “Dazed and Confused” too many times, but I can’t resist comparing the rebellious and spirited nature of Millennials to that of the free-spirited hippies of the 60s.

I mean, you can’t deny that Coachella and Bonnaroo aren't that far off from the likeness of Woodstock. You got Vanessa Hudgens in her flower crowns, women in long skirts and lots of men with ponytails.

Beards are in and bras are out. Everyone does cocaine and even more people do molly. There’s the general weed culture, which is larger than it's been at any point in America’s history.

Oh, and people are buying record players. Don’t act like you haven’t seen them at Urban Outfitters and in just about every hipster's apartment.

Everyone’s reading “Catcher In The Rye” and Woody Allen is still being creepy. Our parents don’t understand us and we don’t agree with just about anything they did.

No one is getting married, but everyone is having sex. We hate Yoko Ono and still scream if we pass Ringo Starr.

Of course, I’m not saying everything is completely parallel. There are obvious differences between the two generations; life was different back then. However, the general culture -- the drugs, the rebellion, the weed -- is pretty similar to the 60s, which we recall with such relish and awe. If you still don’t believe it, here are 30 reasons why Generation-Y is the modern 60s:

They protested Vietnam; we walked on Wall Street.

They had Cheech and Chong; we have Harold and Kumar.

They had Woodstock; we have Coachella.

They got high; we get higher.

They had beatniks; we have hipsters.

They had the twist; we have twerking.

They had LSD; we have molly.

They had punks; we have emos.

They had tie-dye; we have neon.

They had strippers; we have strip malls.

They worked to end segregation; we work to end homophobia.

They had Motown; we have EDM.

They had the Grateful Dead; we have the Grateful Dead.

They had Johnny Carson; we have Jimmy Fallon.

They played Frisbee; we play Ultimate Frisbee.

Their change was Kennedy; our change is Obama.

They had "Mary Poppins"; we have "Saving Mr. Banks."

They had Ingmar Bergman; we have Woody Allen.

They had flower power; we have gay pride.

They had Henry Kissinger; we have Dick Cheney.

They had the Beatles; we have One Direction (we lost that one).

They had the Beatles; we have half the Beatles.

They smoked cigs in the office; we have G-pens.

They had Twiggy; we have Cara Delevingne.

They had mod; we have plaid.

They had SLA; we have scientology.

They had Sean Connery; we have Daniel Craig.

They had "Batman"; we have "The Dark Knight."

They had Paul Newman; we had Paul Walker.

They saw MLK, Jr. die; we saw Nelson Mandela die.

They hated Russians; we hate Putin.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr