The 25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Indiana University


Indiana University is a premier public-research institution; the school is grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, while maintaining its ranking among leading universities in professional, medical and technological education. Because this school is located at the 'cross roads of America,' you will find a massively diverse group of people in a relatively geographically remote location.

With a student body of over 32,000 students and roughly a 50-50 split of men and women, this campus serves as one of the most ideal settings for those thirsty students looking for the All-American college experience. Here are the 25 GIFs that perfectly describe Indiana University:

The moment you mistake a pregame for another school's party.

You can recognize at least 15 fellow JAPs from your sleep away camp.

You love Bub's so much it's normal to go there over 3 times in an hour.

When every other girl claims to be from Chicago.

What you want to do to any student you encounter from Purdue.


The first thing your friends tell you the morning after the Little 500.

When you use the Little 500 as a part of your decision-making process.

When you have to physically crawl out of every tailgate because you are so drunk.

How you feel after taking Vyvanse with Karkov.

When you get denied from Kilroy's, Sports and Nick's all in the same night.

The feeling of knowing how to play "Sink the Bizz."

When you and your friends decide to black out at Bluebird on Wednesdays because drinks are so cheap.

When you laugh after getting invited to a party at Fiji.

Trying to remember your name after 2 'Hairy Bears.'

When you contemplate proposing to a Southern Belle until you realize you're too young to be thinking about marriage.

When you realized that The Little 500 is centered around a huge bike race.

When you think Mitch Daniels should run for governor.

What you wish you can do to Mike Pence because he hates weed.

Finding out you own at least one thing that says "Zeller" or "Crean" on it.

When you find out that cigarettes cost half as much as they usually do.

How you feel when you go shooting in the woods with the townies.

The feeling of knowing the location and hours of every C-store or place that takes meal points.

When you realize there's no natural lighting in Wells.

When you have a crazy amount of Pizza X cups and nothing to drink.

When you've gotten a ticket from a cop that looks younger than you.