The 25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Going To Florida State University

by Ashley Fern

The ever-present party scene at FSU leaves people wondering: Florida State University, academic haven or EDM Orgy Paradise? FSU is a glorious wonderland, where a well-connected individual could go out with five dollars in his/her pocket and have the time of his or her life. This school is truly a magnificent place, really.

While this school is one huge party, it is also one of the country’s most elite research universities. It is home to over 30,000 undergraduate students and is among the ten percent of American universities to have earned a chapter of the academic honor society, Phi Beta Kappa.

1. “I know Scott and Paul” (club promoters)

2. Southerners vs. South Floridians

3. When you realize that you can't listen to anymore EDM

4. Really, really ridiculously good-looking people

5. White Trash Wednesdays at the Strip

6. When you don't get into the sorority you wanted

7. When you try to have a conversation at Gold’s Gym

8. When you're wasted in the Westcott Fountain

9. When you feel like this after an all-night study session at Strozier. Woo, Club Stroz!

10. How you feel after going to Bajas and Coliseum

11. “LIT Closed?” “Did it ever actually exist?” (Nightclub that closed)

12. Winedown Wednesdays

13. Level8 leaves you feeling great

14. Everyone is a Bright Future Scholarship “winner”

15. Don’t worry Seminoles, next year is our year when it comes to football

16. Late-night at WhatABurger/Zaxby's/Guthrie's

17. Adderall binges on the reg

18. “Did you swoop her?”

19. When everyone leaves Tally when FAMU has homecoming

20. When this is your best Tim Tebow impression

21. “Blackboard's down again”

22. Car towed again?

23. When you reminisce about the chicken fingers from Chubby’s

24. Tallanasty. Sums it all up.

25. When you can't make it to a West 10 pool party