The 25 GIFs That Perfectly Decribe The University Of Delaware

by Eddie Cuffin

From the picturesque green with bricks buildings and white columns to the tailgating before football games, being a student at the University of Delaware seems like it came straight from a movie depicting college life. Originally founded in 1743, the University of Delaware traces its roots to a Presbyterian minister by the name of Francis Allison.

The school is medium sized with around 16,000 undergraduate students and 3,500 graduate students. However, this school is the largest university in Delaware and its main campus can be found in Newark, while additional satellite campuses can be found in the towns near by.

For those on the outside looking in, understanding the lifestyle of a University of Delaware student might not be plausible. This school has a very high concentration in research activity and is known for its great programs in engineering, science, business, hospitality management, education, urban affairs and public policy.

The student life is great and these kids really know how to party. Although the school doesn’t really have any sports teams to brag about, the students make up for it in the tailgates, house parties, bars and restaurants on Main Street and other events that allow them to just rage. If you ever thought of becoming a University of Delaware student then you best look through these 25 GIFs that perfectly describe going to the University Of Delaware.

You have to go to CAP events to get good Homecoming/Greek week pairings.

You can expect a 45-60 minute bus ride to off-campus mixers.

You cant wake up for your 9 am psych class but can wake up on Saturdays at 9 am to day drink.

You're aware that you will leave a day drink showered in beer.

You struggle after blacking out from day drinking to make it out that night to continue the party.

When you’ve been to SAE's Paddy Murphy and SigEp's Pig Roast.

When foreign business students have nicer cars than most college students will ever have.

Townies know not to go to Mojo’s on Wednesday because every under-age student will be there.

You call NDB ahead to avoid waiting in line.

You will never desire to eat DP Dough sober.

When TA review sessions for exams have twice as many students that are ever in class.

The excitement you have of moving into your dorms after a long summer at home.

Every girl at Grotto's looks like a townie.

When you pass people walking to their 8am class as you are doing the walk of shame back to your dorm.

The sheer excitement you have when you realize there is no tax in DE.

A chipotle burrito cost $6.50.

You have to hold your breath walking past townies that hang out in front of Dunkin Donuts.

When your school only gets on TV when Women's basketball is on.

Your schools best athlete is a female basketball player.

 When the girl you’re hooking up with also has a Vyvanse prescription. Even exchange.

Long boarders are a cult of their own that only a few understand.

When you have to wait in a line to get into the gym.

When you thought about staying for a full football game.

What you feel like when you watch nerds hit each other on the green.

When you sign a lease for off campus housing.

When you see your receipt from Freddy's the next morning.

When you actually find a table at the Rodney Dining Hall.


Greg Travers | Elite.