The 20 Ways To Make The Most Of Your 20s

Your 20s can be the most exciting time in your life. For many people, it's a time when you are fresh out of college and are about to embark into the vast unknown. This decade should be utilized to find out who you truly are and what makes you happy. This transformative age is all about self-discovery. There is a unique freedom that is associated with living in your 20s. Typically, you do not have your lifelong career path set out for you, so try and dabble in different areas until you find your niche.

This is the time to become self-sufficient, as the world is your oyster. Embrace each challenge and discover things about yourself you never knew. There are endless possibilities just waiting to be explored and there's no better time than now. A new type of life begins in your 20s, one filled with excitement and uncertainty.

A calm, settled life is far in the future, so now is the time to be selfish and do things for yourself. Take advantage of this freedom and discover life with a clear purpose. This is not the time to goof around and to remain lackadaisical. Get out there and take advantage of this great time of your life. Do what you want, be smart, take risks and learn from them. Let’s take a look at the 20 best ways to make the most out of your 20s:

1. Stop Giving A Sh*t

For some reason, we are all consumed with the opinions of others. Well, I’m here to tell you that THEY DON’T MATTER. If you are happy with the way your life is going and you are happy with the decisions you are making, who cares about the opinions of others? This will only hold you back in life and prevent you from achieving your goals.

2. Trim The Fat

As you get older, you realize the people you used to associate yourself with may have changed. Your college friends may not have a place in your adult life and this is okay. We all feel a sense of obligation to hold onto these friendships, but as we get older, we change. This is natural and, as a result, the people we hang out with may change.

3. Exercise

We all know that our metabolisms aren’t the same as when we were younger, so now is the crucial time to get your sh*t together. Even if it’s just walking, it is important to remain active.

4. Appreciate Your Family

Growing up, you probably thought your family was embarrassing and therefore didn’t want to do things with them, e.g. see a movie. Your 20s are the time to realize that family is everything. Spend as much time as you can with them because you never know how long they will be around. No one loves you more than your family.

5. Break Up With Your Partner

Maybe this sounds cynical, but I don’t really care. Your 20s are your selfish times; go out and experiment. There’s a good chance that the relationship you’re currently in isn’t going to last a lifetime, so when is a better time to explore than now?

6. Get A Job You Love

We accept sh*tty jobs on the reg because that’s what we believe we are supposed to do. You can’t live your life dreading each day because you hate your career path. You need to have a job you look forward to, one that motivates you and makes you want to work harder. Many people believe this is unattainable, but if you put your mind to it, you can succeed.

7. Stop Settling

We make the mistake of settling in many aspects of life everyday. We accept the bare minimum with the false sense that we think we deserve it. Whether it’s staying in a relationship out of comfort or remaining in a job we detest, we think this is acceptable.

8. Stop Wasting Money

This is where impulsiveness is a curse. As 20-somethings, we spend a ridiculous amount of money on sh*t we don’t really need. Experiences can bring much more value to a person’s life than material possessions. Think about purchases in terms of needs and wants. IF you really don’t need something, you shouldn’t be buying it. Also there are always less expensive options out there if you are on a tight budget.

9. Save Money

Take a certain amount out of your paycheck and put it aside. Even a minimal amount like $10-20 will accumulate over time. This comes in handy when you find something you really want, but can’t necessarily afford. Also, it always helps to have money cast aside in case of emergency.

10. Go Places You’ve Never Gone

Go out, travel and see the world! We are so fortunate to access all forms of transportation that allow us to visit any country or state we like. There are tons of travel websites that offer great deals, so you can get the most for your money. Immerse yourself in another culture and learn the customs of different people.

11. Learn To Cook

Only good things can come from learning how to cook. Not only will it help you save money, since you aren’t eating out every day, but it will also help you avoid becoming fat because you'll be aware of all the ingredients going into your meal. For the ladies out there -- we all know this will help you attract and keep a man. Shoutout Eddie Cuffin.

12. Meet New People

This is your time to introduce yourself to people you would not typically associate with. Everyone has something to offer, so exposing yourself to new people can only benefit you. This is extremely helpful if you want to expand your network. By taking the time to learn from new people, you expand your social skills and awareness.

13. Utilize Birth Control

Ain’t nobody got time to get knocked up in their 20s. Whether it’s the pill or condoms, it is essential to use birth control while doing the deed. Think of the risk you are putting yourself in by not using a condom. We are not invincible and STDs do happen more than we think.

14. Spoil Yourself Once In A While

While it’s important to have a proper, well-balanced diet, it is also important not to restrict yourself completely. Indulging in something sweet every once in a while will not kill your body and may put your cravings at ease.

15. Find Better Activities Than Shopping

I know I am guilty of this and am most definitely not alone. Shopping is a great pastime, but there are far better things to spend your time than blowing your paycheck on clothes. We spend money on sh*t we don’t need all the time. Window shopping? Yeah right, who's ever actually done this and avoided spending money?

16. Stop Taking Things So Personally

I know it’s difficult to believe sometimes, but it’s not always about you! Stop getting yourself involved in petty drama by overanalyzing things. Sometimes what people say is really what they mean, with no alternative motives. The amount of fights that can be avoided by following this simple piece of advice is endless.

17. Stop Seeking Revenge

Seeking revenge only makes you stoop down to the other person’s level. In the long run, the only person you are hurting is yourself. Instead of focusing on revenge, it is much more beneficial to try to make peace with the issue. The only way to stop revenge is to give up and to accept it. Replace the evil feelings with the opposite thinking. This is the only way; rise above it and let it be.

18. Stop Being A Follower

This is the time to be your own leader. Stop letting others influence every move you make and just do you. You want to go to a concert? F*cking go. You want to go to a movie -- you can do that alone. Make your own plans and just live. You only have one life, don’t waste it by following the direction of others.

19. Have Lots Of Sex

F*cking duh. No one wants to be settled down in their 20s, so go out there and see what the world has to offer you. No further explanation required.

20. Change Your Look

Dye your hair or switch up your style. Experiment with your appearance. There’s really no better time to do this than in your 20s. See what looks work and don’t work for you. Get to know yourself and learn how to accentuate your assets.