The Stupid Ways Generation-Y Wastes Its Time

by Ashley Fern

Time is precious and life is short: these are things we hear over and over throughout life, but never really stop to think about. You will never be as young as you are today, so it’s important to take advantage of the time you do have.

Unfortunately, people waste their time dealing with sh*t that doesn’t even matter. When you look back, do you want to remember all of the things you accomplished or do you want to remember the regrets you had because you were too busy wasting your time?

Opportunities will come and pass while you are busy participating in inconsequential activities. Don’t miss out because you were too busy trying to figure out what to order on Seamless (sh*t is legit a black hole of choices).

Time is something that once lost, can never be regained again. You can’t go back in time and relive it, you need to embrace each moment you are fortunate enough to have.

How does Gen-Y waste its time the most? Take a look below.

Deciding What To Wear

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I understand that you want to look your best when you go out with your friends, but guess what? Your friends have seen you at your worst and your best. They aren’t going to stop hanging out with you because they aren’t a fan of the shirt you’re wearing. There’s no reason to try on more than five outfits before heading out of your apartment. Chances are no one is going to even notice what you’re wearing or they will be too drunk to remember.

Facebook Stalking

One second you’re scrolling through your friend's mobile uploads from the weekend and the next moment you’re on her sister’s ex boyfriend’s best friend’s cousin’s mom’s profile, WTF? It’s easy to get lost in cyber space because the Internet makes it that easy, but seriously why the hell are you wasting your time creeping on people you don’t even know?

Second Guessing Yourself

If you feel something is the right decision deep down in your gut, then go for it. Don’t waste your time lingering on other options. All this will do is draw out the decisions process and you may miss the opportunity altogether. Life is all about making mistakes and learning from them, so if you do end up choosing the wrong option, you will know better the next time around.

Being Hungover

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If you ever had a hangover (you’re doing something wrong if you haven’t) then you are familiar with the fact that this can prevent you from doing anything and everything you intended to do. That morning workout session is thrown out the window and you know there’s no way you’re actually leaving your bed to get breakfast #Seamless.


I f*cking love Netflix and honestly don’t know where I’d be without it. It basically gives you a 10 second window in which you have to decide whether to be productive or just continue watching that episode of "Breaking Bad" you’ve probably already seen. Ten seconds?! It’s much easier to just lie back and think to yourself: just one more episode then I’ll get to the gym.

Holding On To A Sh*tty Relationship

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If your relationship is more work than fun, it’s probably time to call it quits. You’re in your twenties, you have your whole life to bicker with your significant other. Don’t waste your youth on a person you don’t even see a future with. Some (most) relationships at this point in your life have an expiration date and when you reach that breaking point, it’s better to let go rather than hold on. Don’t become a prisoner of your loyalty if you aren’t happy.


People need to stop running their mouths and learn to talk about something intelligent, like I don’t know, maybe current events? Have a conversation of value, not something superficial. People will be much more impressed that you know what’s going on in Syria and not your friend's f*cked up relationship. All you are doing is making yourself look uneducated and immature.


Honestly, I don’t know how anyone survives his or her cubicle job without G-chat, it’s literally AIM for adults. How else are you supposed to complain about your mundane office tasks or make plans for the night because you can’t just have your phone chilling on your desk. Your time would be better spent putting all of your efforts into the work you should be doing. Stop procrastinating and maybe you’ll get out of work earlier than 9 at night.

Living Through Their Phones

People these days are literally more addicted to their cell phones than drugs. Back in the day, people would open a newspaper or make a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Now people check their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine as soon as they have one eye open in the morning. Get with it people, there are a lot more important things out there than a picture of your friend’s dog lying on its back.

If you are out to dinner with a friend, your phone should not be chilling on the table. People need to learn to live and to appreciate the moment, not to detract from it with the use of cell phones. Stop wasting your valuable time checking if so-and-so messaged you with some inconsequential BS. What is the point of even hanging out with your friends if you are going to spend the entire time futzing around with your telly?


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After graduating from college, chances are you are moving back home in hopes to save money. This is a great strategy, but one that should not be taken advantage of. Not everyone can afford to move into his or her own apartment immediately after finding a job, so it makes perfect sense to commute from home for a short time. If you find yourself still commuting after a year of savings, you need to reevaluate your budget.

Try and fight the comfort that living at home has. Think of all the hours you are wasting on various forms of transportation trying to get to and from your office.