The Tequila Drink You Should Order Tonight, Based On Your Personality

by Alexa Mellardo

Many of us kick off Cinco de Mayo with a "go big, or go home" mindset.

Because, let's be honest, every foodie can agree that no amount of pulled pork tacos, guacamole and margaritas will ever be enough. They're just THAT delicious.

Now that May 5 is finally upon us, it's time to round up the crew and get this party started.

For those of you who plan on hitting up the bars, or throwing a festive party of your own, here's the tequila drink you should indulge in tonight, based on your personality.

1. Classic Margarita

MKTO's “Baby You're So Classic” lyrics might as well be your anthem, because you're just a classic chick who values tradition.

If you relate to this to a T, then the classic margarita is your signature Cinco de Mayo drink. But something tells me you already knew that.

You'll order this classic cocktail with your tacos, and you'll keep the drinks coming all night long. That's just how you roll, and everyone in your friend group knows it to be all too true.

You're the confident person in your clique who's always the one to initiate plans and make decisions for the squad. People turn to you for honest advice, because they know you'll deliver.

The squad has also deemed you the go-to shoulder to lean on when a friend is having the absolute worst day ever.

And let's be honest, whenever you order tacos (Cinco de Mayo, or not), you feel as though you're not getting the complete, OG experience if you don't order a classic marg to go with them.

2. Tropical Tequila Sunrise

If you're the social butterfly who lights up the entire room with your presence, the tequila sunrise should be your staple cocktail for the evening.

It's literally your boozy spirit animal. Just like this drink's vibrant, tropical vibes, you're a bright, positive soul who always looks at the glass as half full, in friendship and in life.

You're the breath of fresh air in any relationship, and you'd be content to chill with your gal pals tonight instead of throwing it down at a crowded bar. You're kind of like a chameleon in that regard. You have no problem making yourself at home in any situation, and starting up conversations with strangers and new acquaintances comes naturally to you.

“Awkward” is not in your vocabulary, nor will it ever be.

3. Tequila Fizz

If you're a spontaneous, bubbly person who can't remain in one place for too long, the tequila fizz should be your go-to drink. You'll do a lot of bar-hopping tonight, that's for sure — and the tequila fizz will be your main squeeze throughout the fun.

You like to live life on the edge, and you have a passionate travel gene that's always down for some adventure. You're all about that thrill-seeking lifestyle, and you live for plans that revolve around new experiences — from paragliding, to riding on the wildest roller coaster in the entire world.

Nothing is out of reach for you, because you tackle your fears head-on. You're always open to trying out different foods and taking the road less traveled.

4. Paloma

If you're a laid-back, chill kind of person who doesn't let anything cramp your vibes, your drink of choice tonight should be a Paloma.

You're all about letting the good times roll at a casual, quaint bar, and everything about this summery, grapefruit-lime concoction embodies just that. You're a firm believer in the idea that everything happens for a reason, and you know all too well that you're in charge of your own happiness.

You don't waste time on the minuscule dramas and roadblocks in life. Instead, you focus on the things you can control.