Marko Milanovic

There's Proof Tattoos Can Help You Land Jobs, So Go Ahead And Get Inked

One of the main reason people abstain from getting tattoos is that they prevent you getting jobs.

Well, that might not be so true anymore.

A recent study carried out by St. Andrews University in Scotland has shown that having tattoos can actually help you to get hired.

That's because tattoos can "positively convey" an organization's image, especially if you are applying to a company aimed at younger customers.

The author of the study, Dr. Andrew Timming, explained

Body art can be seen as an asset in the labour market, as long as an applicant's tattoos are compatible with the organization's wider brand personality.

The research was carried out in the US and UK, and the study's participants (all of whom had managerial experience) were shown images of four men and four women in their 30s. The same photos were then altered to look like they had star-shaped tattoos on their necks.

The participants were asked which people were more likely to be hired as a bartender or bouncer at a nightclub or trendy bar, and which were more likely to be hired as a waiter at an upscale restaurant.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the response was overwhelmingly that the people of the tattooed photos were more likely to be hired as bartenders or bouncers.

Dr. Timming said,

Visibly tattooed job applicants can present as attractive candidates in the labour market because they can help to positively convey an organization's image or brand, particularly in firms that seek to target a younger, edgier demographic of customers.

He also added,

Previous research has focused on the negative effects of tattoos on one's employment chances, but the idea that body art can improve job prospects has, until now, been largely neglected.

Struggling to find a job? Guess it could be time to get inked.

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