Tap Into Your Inner Pisces: How To Go With The Flow Like This Water Sign

by Merylee Sevilla

Author Jodi Picoult summed up what it means to be a Pisces when she said:

"We Pisces, we're a special breed."

There is just something about a Pisces that is undeniably unique, intriguing and attractive.

Pisces are sensitive, caring, compassionate, emotionally driven and, most often, self-sacrifice for those around them. Pisces are just, in the famous words of Charlie Sheen, #winning .

Don't fret if you're the blandly-balanced Libra, the independently bold Scorpio or the stubborn Taurus. Lucky for you, you can tap into your hidden Pisces qualities, as the traits of the Pisces are ones that lie within us all.

Follow these tips and you'll be on your way to living similarly to that of an enlightened Pisces.

Forget order

The symbol for Pisces is water for a reason: They go with the flow. If you are finding yourself in a mundane routine, ditch it.

Spice up your routine, see that clutter of paper on your desk and don't tidy it; let it be. Ordering the same tall latté at Starbucks? How about trying that new green tea?

Forgetting the order will not only give you freedom; it'll let the real you shine through.


Pisces are very attuned with their emotions, and at times, they let their hearts rule rather than their brains. Regardless, Pisces always take time to meditate.

Meditation is one of the purest forms of reconnecting, as well as centering yourself. Life can get chaotic sometimes with deadlines, life and responsibilities. We often forget to take a moment to stop, breathe and relax.

Pisces live by the mantra of "breathe."

Let it slide

One of the #winning qualities of a Pisces is their ability to not let negative things linger or take over their mind.

Pisces are extremely sensitive and feel things deeply, but they also know, sometimes, there is nothing in their power and they just need to let it go.

Pisces don't get hung up on the details, and because of this, they are very easygoing and laid back, one of their best qualities. They also don't hold on to grudges, Pisces deal with the issue when it arises but then forgive, one of their forte.

Spare a moment

Pisces are empathic and great listeners, two things that can sometimes be lacking in many. Take time to listen to your friends, whether it's about their sh*tty days at work or that breakup you knew was long time coming.

Take a moment to be with your friends, family or loved ones and just listen. There is nothing more rewarding to a Pisces than caring for the people in their lives.

Though a Pisces' kindness can be seen as a weakness from another's perspective, he or she can't help but give and care wholeheartedly.

We are compassionate to a fault.

Find your wanderlust

Pisces love to travel, experience other cultures and get lost. Find your inner nomad; hit the road and travel to parts of your city you may not have been to.

One's travels don't have to take him or her across the oceans; rather, just take the time and the moment to explore. If you listen, you can hear the open road calling your name for an adventure that is just waiting to happen.

Love with all your heart

Pisces believe in the best of people, no matter what, even if it means making a sacrifice. When a Pisces is in a relationship, he or she is devoted.

Pisces will do anything for their partners and will find fun and clever ways of making them feel special and loved.

Love and romance are kryptonite to Pisces, given their compassionate traits and desire for caring. Love fuels a Pisces. Don't wait till Valentine's Day to buy your significant other a box of chocolate or to tell him or her, "I love you."

No, Pisces never lets a moment pass without professing love for their partners.


The thing that makes Pisces the envy of all is they know how to be true to themselves. They don't linger in a job or relationship that makes them unhappy or sad. They find what they love and do it.

They follow their passions, and what better way to live life than doing what you love? They might not end up in a job making six-figure salaries, but if one thing is certain: They will always be happy. You can't put a price on happiness.

So, whether you're curious Gemini, wise Sagittarius or the ever-so confident Leo, being a Pisces is just #winning and you can be one too.