Here's The Key To A Healthy Mind, Body And Soul, According To A Surfer

by Alexa Mellardo

There’s nothing quite like feeling the rhythm of the ocean.

You close your eyes and soak up the warm rays beating down on your sun-kissed skin and the salty breeze freeing your hair.

As the waves crash onto the shore, one by one, you discover the sensual, endless rhythm of the sea on your board.

There is something so mesmerizing and invigorating about it.

Everything else seems to fade away except you, the beach and its waves. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meet avid surfer, Brian Liess.

He's been surfing for about 15 years and knows how much of a peaceful escape the ocean can be.

As a mostly self-taught surfer, Brian would remain in the water the entire day until he mastered the captivating sport.

He has surfed the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Bali, Lombok and Portugal.

When Brian was younger, he was involved in many competitions. Now, surfing is simply one of his passions.

As I got older I found it to be a lot more enjoyable to not have to worry about performing at a certain level and just having fun with it.

Brian tells us six ways surfing is the key to a healthy mind, body and soul.

1. It feeds your wanderlust.

There is nothing like living your dream and actually doing the items listed on your bucket list with friends right there with you.

The most valued experience I get out of surfing is traveling around the world with friends and being able to experience different cultures while surfing amazing waves. Those trips give you memories for a lifetime.

2. It gives your body an extreme workout and exhilarating exercise ritual.

Surfing serves as an incredible full-body workout -- enhancing your balance, flexibility and strength. Say "hello" to a toned core and legs!

I think the best exercise for surfing is surfing itself, just spending a lot of time in the water even if it’s just paddling around. You can be in amazing shape and train all you want, but if you haven’t surfed in a while you're definitely going to feel it your first time back.

3. It’s not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle.

Once you get hooked, surfing is addicting... but a great kind of addiction.

For me, I consider surfing to be a way of life. I’m not saying that it isn’t a sport, but for me it’s had such an impact on my life that it’s much more than that. I have worked at a surf shop, taught surfing and traveled around the world with friends and family to places that I never would have gone if it weren’t for surfing.

4. It helps you discover your inner peace.

Surfing can be an outlet to escape day-to-day stress and anxiety. The water has a calming effect -- it’s you, the ocean and the horizon. This sport truly speaks to your soul.

No matter how hectic life gets, surfing is something I can always do to get my mind off everything. There are not many places you can go where you’re not surrounded by the busyness of life, but the ocean is definitely one of those places.

5. It gives your mind a workout.

Not only is surfing awesome exercise, it has also been proven to stimulate the mind.

It’s great for your health, both physically and mentally. The entire time you’re surfing, you’re getting a great workout while doing something you love. It's much better than the strict routine of going to the gym every day, in my opinion. And at the same time, it allows you to put the everyday things in life on hold for a few hours and enjoy spending time in the water with your friends.

6. It makes you live in the moment.

When you’re in the water, everything else in your life simply washes away. You become mindful of what’s happening right here and right now because nothing else matters.

Surfing good waves with a few of your friends does nothing but good things for you in every way possible. It really allows you to live in the moment and not worry about anything else.

Surfing truly benefits your mind, body and soul… straight from a surfer’s perspective!