18 Real AF Commandments Every True Sun Goddess Lives By


Real talk: I consider the beach my home.

It's a rejuvenating oasis I can seriously relate to — from the addicting salty air to the rhythm of the ocean.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about a trendy city lifestyle… brunching is one of my all-time favorite hobbies.

But on summer weekends, the beach is definitely where you can find this girl, soaking up some serious rays.

I'm not even exaggerating when I say, come August 31, I'm already dreaming about going to the beach NEXT summer.

I have a little bit of an addiction.

Summertime is ultimately always on my mind, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

All of my fellow sun goddesses can relate to these commandments of being a hardcore beach diva.

1) You start shopping for bikinis at least four months prior to the season starting.

Be on the prowl because the cute ones always sell out fast.

2) You have a chic circle beach towel because, well, obviously.

Leading to my next point…

3) You're all about rotating your body every two hours like a sundial.

You're always at the ~prime~ angle to catch those rays head on.

4) You can park your butt on the beach for hours of relaxation.

You enjoy every single second of it, no complaints.

5) Your sun-goddess-self never gets bored…

Because the beach is literally life.

6) Your motto is: What's the beach without a cute bathing suit and a trendy pair of sunnies?

Sunnies always match the suit, of course.

7) You know the hottest guy at the beach will walk by around 2 o'clock when you actually look your worst.

UGH… It's literally a known fact.

8) The sun makes you feel alive.

A sun-kissed glow makes every summer outfit totally work.

9) You have a reclining beach chair that adjusts to at least three positions.

Maybe even four if we're getting technical here.

10) Your beach bag is always stocked with the latest and greatest tanning lotions.

You know what's UP when it comes to the tanning lotion scene.

11) You have every hair accessory to deal with all kinds of weather.

Sun hat, hair scarves, headbands and baseball caps take over your closet.

12) You blast some serious beats.

Only the best of the best for your quality beach time.

13) You're always prepared with a new sexy beach read.

What's the beach without a seductive novel to go along with it?

14) You're focused AF, mind on the prize.

Everyone knows... the more you concentrate, the better the tan.

15) You know this beach sitch is seriously a full day's work.

You're there by 10, and peace out after 5.

16) You have two kinds of bathing suits.

One is for tanning and the other is a hot-damn-trendy suit you can play in after you get ~bronze~.

17) You bake evenly on BOTH sides.

I mean jeez, even a pancake gets equal amounts of loving.

18) You know the best time of your beach day is close to 5, when everyone leaves.

BYE, betches... This is my peaceful time!