The Sun Enters Cancer This Week, Here's How It Will Affect Your Social Life

by Rosey Baker

The sun goes from Gemini into Cancer on Wednesday, June 21 this week.

Having the sun in Gemini has made for a month full of social interaction; you've probably had so many social opportunities you weren't sure what to do with them all.

This coming month, you can expect all that to slow down a bit. Having the sun move into Cancer takes our collective social lives down a notch.

Cancer is a sign that is very home and family-oriented, so you may find your attention shifting to those areas of your life.

More Intimate Hangouts

Chelsea Victoria

While you may have made a bunch of new friends out socializing while the sun was in Gemini, you can expect this month to be one where you spend more time connecting one-on-one with your closest friends in more intimate environments.

Having your best friends over for dinner, or hanging out in cozier home-like environments such as the movies or cafés near your house can be expected while the sun is in Cancer.

You can also expect some deep conversations to come up from the surface. Cancer is a water sign, making this month an emotional one, where we'll find ourselves needing the support of our closest friends and family members.

Trouble Discerning Feelings From Facts

Because Cancer is a moody sign, and extremely sensitive, we may have some trouble discerning our feelings from the facts. Many Cancers suffer from projecting their feelings onto a situation, and it can lead to a kind of FOMO paranoia.

If you're spending a lot of time on social media seething with jealousy and rage about not being invited somewhere, just remember that you aren't the only one feeling that way this month.

Feeling Like A Shut-In


Some will spend this month feeling restless and bored, but on the other extreme could be a total lack of interest in going out. More sensitive, introverted signs like Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Taurus could actually be enjoying the down time so much that they feel guilty about it.

Remember, there's nothing wrong with doing what you feel like doing. If you don't feel like going out and you're suffering from a lack of social interaction, you can always invite friends to your place if you need to get out of your own head.

Brunching It Up

One area where you can expect a lot of social interaction is around the table. Cancer is a sign that shows love by sharing food and meals with the ones they love.

Because we draw comfort from anything that makes us feel at home while the sun is in Cancer, opportunities to gather around the breakfast table with our inner circle will be abundant.

If you receive an invite to hang with your best friends during this time, do yourself a favor and say yes.

Redecorate Your Home


Another good thing to focus your attention on while the sun is in Cancer is your home. Now is the perfect chance to beautify the space you live in, to create a little sanctuary where you can go recharge from the rest of the world.

It may be difficult, because of the sentimentality of this sign, to let go of old objects that are cluttering up your home, but if you think of the process as a spiritual clearing it can make it a lot easier. Get rid of old things you haven't put to use in awhile.

If you absolutely can't let go of things, try repurposing them, redecorating them, or putting some love into them. If you have an old robe your mother gave you that's full of holes, patch it up. Having the sun in Cancer will provide the support you need to make any home-related repairs.