Beyoncé Had Gemini Twins, And They May Be Destined For The Spotlight

by Rosey Baker
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Beyonce gave birth to her Gemini twins this past week, his p, and although the gender and date of birth aren't publicly known yet, we do know one thing: The twins are Gemini.

Let's set aside (for a minute) the parallel-universe-level coincidence that the twins are born under the sign of Gemini, which is symbolized by the sign of the twins.

What does it all mean?

Gemini is the third astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Gemini, and is marked by the dates May 21 through June 21.

Kylah Benes-Trapp

Geminis are ruled by the third house, which governs the following areas of life: communication, language, media, fundamental education, siblings, cousins, short distance travel, and childhood experiences from elementary school through high school. These areas of the twins' lives are likely to have the strongest influence on the themes of their long-term experiences.

Think of the Olsen Twins, also Geminis, and the amount of influence third house themes (like relationships with siblings and media) have had over the course of their lives.

The characteristics of Geminis make them good communicators of the written and spoken word, but there is also an unconscious quality to their communication; they are able to pick up cues that aren't spoken in an almost psychic way.

Most Gemini kids are intellectually lively, curious, and outspoken. They're always looking to go where no one else has gone before. They'll have a strong wit, especially for young children.

Their dual nature can make them somewhat restless, never wanting to stick to one decision (like chocolate or vanilla), which will lead to deliberating over a choice until finally throwing a fit if they can't try both. It'll be up to their parents to cater to their curiosity without spoiling them.

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One thing that you can be sure of is that Bey's twins are going to be close. Think the psychic connection all twins have and multiply it by 1,000 percent.

It's important to note that any "predictions" made by astrology at this time are based only on the twins' sun sign. Until their time and location of birth become available, all points made will be pretty general.

But you can be sure that while some celebrity kids tend to shy away from the spotlight, Beyonce's twins will be out there saying whatever they want, hamming it up, and enjoying every moment of it -- unless of course, the transits in their chart suggest otherwise.