The Sun Is In Gemini For The Next 30 Days, Here's How To Harness Its Energy

by Rosey Baker
Jovana Rikalo

Approximately every 30 days, the sun moves into a different sign and on May 20, it moved into the sign of Gemini.

This means for the next month, we'll all be celebrating the birthdays of all our Gemini friends and feeling the energy of their most notable traits in our own lives.

Gemini season is an especially active one, both socially and mentally. The kind of energy you'll be dealing with and how you can harness it for the utmost benefit will be up to you ultimately, but here's a helpful guide.

Prepare to multitask.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of information, technology, communication, and socialization, and the third house of siblings, neighbors, and intelligence.

Gemini's have an ability to multitask that's unparalleled by any other sign in the zodiac.

Don't be surprised if you find yourself being able to do more simultaneously than you usually do. You might find yourself more comfortable working with the TV or music on while you typically need total quiet.

You may be able to handle more in your work life than usual as well without much stress, as the Gemini sun lends extra energy to our mental activity, just be careful not to overextend yourself, as all that thinking can lead to anxiety and stress.

Get communicative.

Under the influence of Mercury and the Gemini sun, this will be a month full of social opportunities and information exchange. Strike up a conversation with a stranger, make small talk with people, pick up a new hobby that allows you to work with your hands and you'll be surprised by what you learn.

On the darker side, Gemini's have a deep and passionate love of gossip, so try not to indulge too much, as you're likely to hear a lot of it.

Gemini's do love to run off at the mouth, and it can get you into trouble this month.

Ask questions.

The curiosity of a Gemini will be infectious this month and we're all likely to feel it. Gemini's want two of everything: two jobs, two spouses, two pets, two houses, two hobbies. They want to read an article while watching a documentary about it, or to go on a date while googling the person.

All this may show up in your own life as an unquenchable curiosity, asking journalistic questions of everyone and everything. As long as you practice the art of active listening, you won't go too far and come off as being too nosy.

Go local.

Gemini season is the perfect time to explore your local scene. Use the intellectual energy of the Gemini sun to support local businesses by enjoying a foreign flick at an indie theater, or going to the library to check out a book you've been wanting to read.

Another way to harness the energy of Mercury and the Gemini sun this month is to utilize local transportation, like renting a bike for a ride around your neighborhood, or even just buying yourself a new pair of kicks and taking a walk for some local sightseeing.

This will help with the Gemini tendency toward restlessness. If you find yourself changing your mind a lot and having trouble sitting still now, you can blame it on the sun in Gemini.