12 IRL Struggles Millennials Wish Their Parents Would Understand

Brooke Cagle/ Unsplash

Millennials get a bad rap sometimes, because to others, it might seem like we're complaining about the annoying societal forces working against us.

Well, parents, we aren't complaining; we're simply laying out the facts and details to our everyday frustrations that plague us, just because of the generation we were born into.

We had no control over how we got here, and what has already been served before us in the world.

With that said, here are a few things parents of millennials need to understand about their #adulting kids.

1. College Isn't Necessarily The Only Route To Success

Maybe back in the day, college was the golden ticket to success, but that's just not always the case anymore.

RIP Willy Wonka, but we stopped believing in your golden-ticketed, magical chocolate.

2. The Economy Majorly Sucks For Us

Gas prices are skyrocketing, we've been conned into credit cards, and everything costs so much more now.

Did we make this system? No, but it is what it is, right?

3. Owning A Home Is Almost Non-Existent For Us

Many of us love visiting home sweet home, because there's a chance we may never actually be able to own one someday.

This goes back to the economy and the other expenses that are currently weighing down the pockets in those jeans you say have "too many holes."

4. A Quarter-Life Crisis Is A Real Thing

"Dilemma" hardly sums up the feeling we have once we've reached 25. Time is ticking away, and sadly, our accomplishments are too often put as a parallel to our age. Go figure.

5. Our Student Loans Are Basically Your Grandkids

Guess what? You don't even have to argue over which one gets named after you. They're already decided. One is named Sallie, and the other is named Mae. Both are known to play well with many others.

6. Politics Are Not Part Of A Dinner Conversation

Just because we don't want to argue our side of the political sphere with a mouthful of your amazing mashed potatoes, doesn't meant we don't care.

There's a time and place for everything, and during the probably only meal we'll have together that day, is not one of them.

7. We Care About The Earth, Because Most Of Ya'll Didn't

Not to point fingers or anything, but before you ask us why we're so keen on recycling and driving electric cars, how did you treat the earth when you were our age? We'll wait...

8. Not Even The Musical Can Validate Rent Rates

Just because you were out of the house, paying for college, and balancing a full-time job at 19 doesn't mean that's the case for us.

Rent is insane, even when you're splitting it with roommates.

9. Smoking Weed Does Not Mean We Are Losers

People smoke weed. And no, smoking too much will not make us go blind. Nice try, though.

10. Marriage Isn't The Only Happy Ending

Saying "I do," isn't the only way to secure your happiness, nor is it the only representation of a solid union. I mean, look at the divorce rate.

11. Working To Live... Is Not Appealing To Us

We still have dreams we want to attempt to bank on. Yes, you found a solid job you worked at for 25 to 30 years, and will gracefully transition into retirement.

That's great, but along with the continuously evolving world comes untapped creative ideas we want to uncover and live through. Don't be so quick to clip our wings.

12. Our Fight Against Injustices Is Not A "Phase"

The past has a way of repeating itself, which is why you should understand that the injustices fought and won in history were not permanent. Don't hark at our hashtags, or call our protests crying wolf.

Let us fight for what we think is right. It's our time to shape the world we are going to be living in for awhile. You had yours.

Parents, don't take this as any disrespect or grudge against how we were raised. Remember, the path you paved is only the beginning. We still have to trek through the good, bad, and ugly of the world on our own.