These Comics Perfectly Capture The Struggles Of Being A Millennial Woman

Being a Millennial gal is by no means easy nowadays.

Remember when I showed you all those spot-on illustrations from Samantha Jayne's Instagram account, Quarter Life Poetry?

Well, it turns out Jayne isn't the only creative Instagrammer out there who knows the struggles of being a Millennial.

Meet Arianna, the clever gal behind the Instagram account called butlikemaybe. Arianna recently set out to create all sorts of brutally honest drawings highlighting the daily struggles every young, Millennial woman experiences on the reg.

From picking the perfect selfie and having a seriously love-hate relationship with carbs to Tinder-dating woes and weekend blackouts -- her comics perfectly capture things all Millennial women can relate to, even if we all don't want to admit it.

Plus, it doesn't hurt these drawings are funny AF.

Take a look at the pictures below to see some of the hysterical comics from butlikemaybe.

It's every girl's worst fear when leaving the house.

The bags under my eyes are designer.

Can I have vodka in my liquid cleanse?

I swear I'm only having one drink tonight.

Thanks for rubbing it in, Facebook.

But, which selfie do I look the hottest in?

It was just a lucky guess. I promise I didn't spend three hours stalking you on social media.

I love making memories I won't remember.

Orange you so glad you bought that self-tanner?

OMG! Sorry I ignored you for seven hours and acted like my phone hasn't been in my hand this whole time.

This 2 percent milk is totally going to turn that b*tch into a cow.

I'm def staying in tonight. *Wakes up on random couch still drunk*

I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.

Is butter a carb?

I'm so over him -- unless, of course, he's not over me. In which case, I'd like to get back together with him.

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