These Spot-On Illustrations Will Get You Through Your Quarter-Life Crisis

Your 20s are supposed to be a glorious time in your life.

But as someone who just turned 23, I'll let you in on a little secret: Being young and fabulous isn't always easy.

If you don't believe me, just ask Samantha Jayne.

This talented 25-year-old recently created an awesome Instagram account called Quarter Life Poetry, and it features illustrated poems all about the real 20-something struggles.

Samantha has always been a Dr. Seuss fan, so she decided to make a series of poems based on experiences people her age could relate to, and quite frankly, her brutally honest scenarios are on point. Every single time.

According to Samantha,

I wanted to write something that my friends could actually relate to. It's more like 'Oh The Places You Didn't Go Because You're Up To Your Ears In Student Loans.'

At the end of the day, this girl doesn't let FOMO, bad Tinder dates or the corporate grind get her down.

She believes,

It's important to find humor in these frustrating years and not take life so seriously.

Take a look at the pictures below to see Samantha's awesome Quarter Life Poetry series.

I knew I should have swiped left.

Laziness level: expert.

Time to get wavy... noodles, that is.

Wearing a skirt is totally out of the question tonight.

Mom, I'm OK. You can call off the search team.

Nothing brightens up your day like seeing your ex's downgrade.

Don't f*ck with my food.

Going to Club Sleep tonight with DJ Blanket and MC Pillow.

Why go to brunch when you can just stay in bed?

Birth control at its finest.

F*ck what you heard, I'm the real HBIC.

Dollar slices for days.

Crop tops and glitter are a girl's best friend.

The apartment struggle is so real right now.

Getting freaky on a Friday night.

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