12 Serious Struggles Every Girl With Curly Hair Endures Throughout The Summer

by Tessa Harvey

If there's one thing every curly-haired girl knows, it's that your mane is always an uphill battle.

Being biracial, I've had corkscrew, gravity-defying curly hair my entire life.

At a young age, I despised it so much, and pulled it into the tightest bun imaginable every single day (it's a miracle my hairline survived those times). Soon after that, I discovered relaxers, keratin treatments... literally everything under the sun.

Eventually, it was too much for me to keep up with.

By ninth grade, I attempted to make my transition back to my real curls. Now, I'm a senior in college, and I've straightened my hair maybe twice in two years.

Talk about progress, right?

But here's a little not-so-secret tidbit for y'all: While I love my hair, there's no denying it drives pretty close to wanting to scream from the top of the hills.

Here are 12 struggles every girl with curly hair has to endure throughout the summer.

1. Summer Humidity Is Coming For You

... And it's not going to be good.

The frizz, shrinkage, and the part that just won't lie down the way it does in the winter... are all unavoidable.

2. Your Beach Bag Is Out Of Control *Exploding* With Hair Products

Yes, know you need at least five products to control the frizz, and another five to keep the definition. But, all everyone else sees is a girl with an insane number of hair products stuffed into her heavy AF bag.

Charisse Kenion/Unsplash

3. You Take A Shower At Night, And Low-Key Wake Up Looking Like A Lion

... Or Medusa, on a good day.

Don't even bother trying to wash your hair at night. We both know waking up with perfectly tamed curls is a miracle we'll never live to see.

4. Baseball Caps Are Your Best Friend

Day at the park? Baseball cap. Beach day? Baseball cap. If only they were acceptable for all workplace environments.

Matthew Smith/Unsplash

5. Detangling Beach Hair is A Total Nightmare

If you're brave enough to get your hair wet at the beach, kudos to you.

Post-beach detangling is the stuff of nightmares -- painful, frustrating, and often ends in a tear or two. Don't forget to block out an hour of your day to do it.

6. "Sleek And Shine" Hair Products Are A Greasy Joke

Don't even bother buying the product that promises shiny hair unless you feel like looking like John Travolta, circa 1978.

7. You Don't Always Know What's In There

Going on hikes and runs outside sends shivers down your spine because you know, deep in your heart, if a bug is in your hair, you probably won't even notice.

8. You Can Never Perfectly Replicate Your Hair

Even if you style your hair in the exact same way, your mane looks different... every single time.

Aziz Acharki/Unsplash

9. You Walk Out Of The House With A Prime Hairstyle

... And two minutes later, frizz casually appears out of nowhere. Why did I even bother?!

10. You Just Give Up, And Throw It In A Bun

Then comes wash day, and every knot you find is just too stressful to even begin to deal with.

Clem Onojeghuo/Unsplash

11. You Go Through At Least Double The Conditioner Than You Do Shampoo

Dime-size amount? Have they seen the summer heat we're dealing with?

*Proceeds to dump half of the bottle in hair*

12. Straightening Is Not Happening

It's 90 degrees and humid; the last thing you want to do is spend an hour with a hot device near your face. The stronger among us who attempt to do so anyway find that a step outside reduces their hard work to mane of frizz.