If You Stop Yourself From Feeling Afraid, You'll Never Get What You Want

Alexey Kuzma

We, as humans, love routine. We like the status quo. This can be a great benefit to us.

However, by avoiding any challenges, we stunt our growth. When we challenge ourselves, our quality of life increases exponentially. Not only does your quality of life improve, but you also learn more about yourself in the process.

So, as scary as challenging yourself may be, the benefits of doing so are incredible.

When we face our fears, we grow.  We all have fears. We are all scared of something. Maybe we hate heights, or maybe we get social anxiety when we have to speak in front of a large crowd.

Whatever that fear is for you, know that there is a way for you to conquer it. Face it head on.

When we face our fears, we let the feeling of accomplishment overpower us. This feeling allows us to grow because we see we're stronger than we thought we were. That feeling is simply indescribable.

We become more self-aware, simply by recognizing that our fears allow us to get to know ourselves better. We allow ourselves the opportunity to re-examine our lives, and we see where we might have become stuck.

In what ways are we limiting ourselves? I often see this happen a lot when it comes to relationships and careers. We may settle in a career because we don't think we're smart enough to go further and ask for that promotion.

In relationships, we may settle with a partner who isn't a perfect fit because we think we are unloveable. We believe we're not attractive enough or good enough to be with someone else.

The fear of either losing the job because it makes you unhappy or the fear of losing a significant other because you don't want to be single are both unhealthy to our overall well-being. I therefore challenge you to leave the situation that is making you so unhappy.

In the end, the negativity associated with these situations will stunt your growth and limit your potential when it comes to all areas of your life. But once you remove yourself from these situations, they give you the wonderful opportunity to learn what sets your soul on fire.

Personally, I struggled to find a career path. I stayed stuck in law school for as long as I could manage because I was terrified of the unknown.

What would happen to me if I didn't stay in school? I had convinced myself that I wanted to a lawyer, but that was because I hadn't challenged myself to actually put my desires first.

The truth is, I hated law school. I am far from competitive. I am far more creative than I ever thought I was. But, I wouldn't have gotten to this point if I hadn't allowed myself to challenge my thoughts first.

So, my suggestion to all of you is to see challenges as not only physical. Know that they can be emotional and mental as well.

We, as humans, are made up of various parts. We have our bodies that need to be challenged, but we also have our minds and our emotions that need to be challenged once in a while as well.

Without these challenges to all our various parts, we may grow and evolve in one area, but not the other. Therefore, we aren't making our overall lives better in this case.

My challenge to you is to make sure you try new things and leave your comfort zone. In this way, you'll finally be complete overall.