Stop The Glorification Of Busy, Life Is About Balance

by Sydney E. Carver

I love Pinterest for outfit inspiration, recipes and other fun ideas... but my favorite aspect of Pinterest? Definitely, the inspirational quotes. I have an entire board devoted to my favorites and I find myself pinning to that board the most.

I came across the above quote and it is the basis to this article: Stop the glorification of busy.

Now, let me be the first to say that I am all about being busy. I love always having plans, always having work to get done, always having places to go and people to see... I actually feel that I thrive on being busy.

But, sometimes, enough is enough. I believe that there is such a thing as being too busy.

Of course, these days, it seems like admitting you have down time, admitting that you're not busy or admitting that you feel that you are too busy means you are a failure. Or maybe that's how it has always been and I am just realizing it? Who knows... When I looked up antonyms for busy, I got things like "unemployed, idle, inactive" and who wants to be labeled as any of those words?! Not me.

In my mind, having down time is the best thing ever. I feel like right now, trying to balance work, family, hobbies, social life, etc. is harder than college was! I have never been busier, and while sometimes that is a good thing, I also feel like I barely have enough time to sleep. Sometimes, I feel like the busiest person in the entire world.

Even so, I feel that everyone is wrapped up in being busy. Sometimes, I feel that I just need to press pause. I need to stop and realize that spending time with family and friends, sitting down and enjoying life is what is most important. Have you ever had that moment when you are surrounded by the people you love (usually, for me, it is over a good meal) and realize that this is what life is about?

When you are too busy, you don't have time to realize or appreciate the good life you've cultivated. You don't have time to step back and reflect; you don't have time to appreciate the best things in life. I am going to try hard to carve out some down time and let myself be "un-busy" more often.

I feel that life is passing by so quickly and I, more often than not, don't have time to enjoy what truly matters. As a Millennial, constantly engrossed with social media, I think this can be a challenge even regardless of our busy schedules.

I am vowing to take a step back every once in a while to enjoy the best things in life!

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