Stop Complicating Your Life

Life is hard as it is already. Yet, for whatever reason, we find the need to complicate it. It adds unnecessary stress that can hinder us from our true potential.

There simply is no need for conflict. Nevertheless, observe the world we live in. Unsettled conflicts are all we seem to know. Here are a few steps to smooth out these unwanted rifts:

People aren’t Mind Readers

As much as you would like to think that the world revolves you, grow up and realize that it doesn’t. The only one who genuinely knows, cares and can predict how you feel is YOU. If you don’t express your sentiments logically, you can’t get upset when others don’t know what’s going on. Never assume that they do. People aren’t fucking mind readers.

If something is off, just talk about it. Don’t argue. Don’t yell. Don’t throw a tantrum. Just talk. Express your point of view meticulously and clearly without stressing yourself. Even more importantly, listen to what the other party has to say. Communication is key. You’ll be surprised the amount of complications that could be avoided by speaking plainly.

Stop Giving a Fuck

Trust me on this one – the moment you stop giving a fuck about trivial matters is the exact same moment when everything will start making sense.  If in 15 days you don’t see yourself stressing about your current dilemmas, then they don’t really matter.

Learn to differentiate between situations that actually deserve your worry and those that don’t. You’ll be sure to find yourself with more time, energy and motivation to tackle the problems that count.

Deal with Yourself

Just because you can’t tolerate a person or a situation doesn’t give you the right to go overboard or crazy about it. A critical way to stop complicating your life is to work at what actually complicates it. For lack of a better phrase, just fucking deal with it.

Be aware of what ticks you off and learn to cope with it. Whether it’s through constant exposure or complete avoidance, work on your tolerance, maybe then life’s little nuances won’t throw you off.

Misa |Elite.