This Emotional Pain Chart Shows You Where Your Negative Emotions Manifest On Your Body

It was A.J. Durai who said, "the body is but a vessel for the soul." Though he may have been talking in poetic mantras, the words couldn't hold truer.

There's no denying that our emotional pains are felt in physical discomfort.

Our bodies respond to the pain of our hearts and racing mind. We carry the stress of our lives, literally, on our backs. We get tension when we're going through stress and have trouble breathing in times of despair and heartache.

According to an article titled "The Effects Of Negative Emotions On Our Health,"

[O]ur emotions and experiences are essentially energy and they can be stored in the cellular memory of our bodies.

Thus, if we learn to listen to our aches and pains we can figure out what is emotionally bothering us.

Upon finding out the root of our emotional pain, we can limit the negative impact of that stress on our bodies; it's therapeutic for the mind and the body.

So if you've been feeling pains in your neck or your lower spine, take a look at this chart to see where that ache is really stemming from.

(Click to enlarge.)

via, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It