5 Life Lessons Everyone Learns While Spring Cleaning


May is, without question, the best time to declutter your life.

May is finally the time when the weather is warm enough to crack the windows open, to put away your bulky winter jacket and clear your life for the summer ahead.

And sure, spring cleaning is, well, a chore, but it's also a great time to learn a few of life's greatest lessons. Don't believe me? Read up on what you'll ultimately learn about yourself by clearing out the old and allowing room for the new while you scrub.

Everyone is a mess, even if it's hidden.

Brett Donar

Look, you're not the only person who thinks your life is in shambles. The real trick is, everyone else is just good at hiding it. Like spring cleaning, when you realize you haven't vacuumed under the couch in months, or ever cleaned behind the toilet for that matter, you're bound to find some unwanted dirt somewhere. And that's totally OK, it's just all about how you deal with it. If you find dirt in a new relationship, maybe walk through it with your parter to get the inside scoop on how it got there in the first place. Just never judge; like this person, you too probably have some grime stored up somewhere. If, however, you just find gook behind the couch, grab some Borax and scrub the sh*t out of it.

Tiny things are immensely important to some people.


While recently spring cleaning my home with my boyfriend, I realized the stupid little cat card holder we've had for years somehow really meant something to him. It turns out, the cat I wanted to throw away was actually the card holder where he kept all the tiny little notes I left him in the beginning of our relationship. The cat has lived to see another day.

It's sometimes the tiny things that take up the most space in our hearts. And in your home, the tiny things make the best shelf and desk accessories. While cleaning, think to yourself, "does this item mean something to me?" If so, display it proudly.

It's OK to let go.


A big part of spring cleaning is knowing when to throw something out. Many closet experts say, if it hasn't been worn in a year, throw it out. Hell, if you bought it last week and don't like it now, just get rid of it (or sell it online). That's totally OK. Once an item has passed its joy mark, it's time to let go, just like in relationships. Friendships, boyfriends and girlfriends sometimes just simply run their course. Some end badly, some end well, some just end. It's OK to let go whenever you're ready.

It's OK to hold on.


And some things, like a concert t-shirt you've had since the 7th grade or an old pair of jeans with holes down all sides, are totally OK to hold on to if they mean something to you. Like the little card cat, or the broken necklace my sister gave me, it's totally OK to keep it as long as it brings you joy, just like your memories, your keepsakes and your feelings. You keep them as long as you want them.

Never give up.

Guille Faingold

Alright, so this one is more of a spring cleaning lesson than a life lesson, but it's important to never give up. Sure, you'll be four hours deep in a closet clean-out and want to throw up your hands and cry, but don't. Just keep going. It really is like life; when you think you've had enough and can't keep going any more, just push for one more step, one more set, one more minute of whatever you're doing. You will always, always, surprise yourself.

As for my cleaning product advice, go with something natural. Your countertops, nose and the environment will thank you.